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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: silicone makeup applicators, dog food bowls, and a filtered drinking straw.

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Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:


1. A straw that filters water so you get a fresh drink nearly anywhere.,

Promising Review: "Tested it in three locations: Local river --> PASSED, Mirror Lake --> PASSED, My own Urine --> FAILED. I was curious, I had to try. A little disappointed, that's why I gave it four stars. Bottom line, great product if you are a normal person going camping/hiking." —AJones413

Price: $20

2. A stain remover your grandmother would totally approve of.,

Promising Review: "Gets stains out of clothes and carpet! I had a blue stain on my carpet and I put this on it, then I shampooed the spot and it came right out!" —Amber

Price: $3

3. A dog food bowl meant to help your pup slow down while they chow down.,

Promising Review: "I purchased the small bowl for my dog who is about 35 lbs. We were looking for a way to slow down his eating and had tried several other things. With this bowl, he finishes in about the same amount of time as our other dogs, which is nice because we don't have to stand guard and make sure he doesn't eat, (or try to claim), their food." —Wes

Price: $7+ / Available in small and large and in teal, pink, and orange.

4. A silicone makeup applicator perfect for your liquid foundations.

Promising Review: "This is one of those products you say 'why didn't I think of that?' The applicator glides on my foundation smoothly, easily, and I know I'll save a ton of money because no product gets absorbed into it. Directions sent by email say to tap on product and that it may need practice. Well, I didn't have to tap, and I needed no practice. This works beautifully." —LAC

Price: $6 for a pack of two.


5. A Carhartt T-shirt that's practical AF.

Promising Review: "I purchased one of these to wear to work and liked it so much I bought four more. Extra long so it stays tucked in even when you are physically active. Heavyweight cotton. Just a great shirt. I even wear them at home, they are so comfortable." —Amazon Customer

Price: $19+ / Available in sizes S-XXL and in a variety of colors.

6. A set of silicone spatulas for a totally seamless cooking experience.

Promising Review: "I love these rubber spatulas! I will never buy the kind with the seams again. The ones I had previously had funk from food debris built up in the crevices, where it's impossible to clean. With these, I don't have to worry about that contamination. Great design." —connie

Price: $10

8. A pack of flexible curling rods to give your hair those WOW waves.,

Promising Review: "Love my curls! These actually work and come exactly like they're pictured. 💯 " —Dymond McGregor

Price: $12


9. A French press that'll fool everyone into thinking you're a coffee snob.,

Promising Review: "Facts: Every electric coffee maker we've owned has broken in an unacceptably short time. I wanted to get a French press to make my coffee and possibly learn a new art, (making perfect coffee). Statement: I followed the directions provided with the following exception, I used pre-ground coffee...and dare I say it was Folgers Columbian-Medium Dark — which to some coffee snobs may very well be sacrilege, but they can cram that opinion up their dusty asses. The coffee was delicious! I can't wait until I can get really crafty with pH-matched water and custom-roasted ground beans. Then I can be a coffee snob, too!" —Level Infinity

Price: $30

10. A bottle of Goo Gone so you can do just that, get the goo to be gone.,

Promising Review: "I used this on my JBL LSR4236P Studio Monitors and it worked very well. For some reason JBL decided to put some kind of weird adhesive on the front of these monitors which caught every piece of cat hair and dust that touched it over the years. Used this with some paper towels and a little elbow grease and the adhesive came off quickly. The Picture I added: (Left) After Goo Gone (RIGHT) Before Goo Gone." —Andrew

Price: $5+

11. A masking sticker set perfect for adding color to craft projects, labeling your calendar, or organizing your bullet journal.

Promising Review: "Got these for my bullet journal instead of washi tape. The pages come precut with two narrow width strips, two wider strips and three dots per sheet. The narrower strips are about 1/4" wide. The larger strips are about 1/2" wide, (it's mm, so the inch measurements are slightly off). These feel like paper tape, not like a traditional masking tape with that bumpy texture. It's great for writing on and the ink soaks in pretty quickly, so no smearing. The variety of sheet designs has a bit of everything: dots, stripes, checks. I'm loving them." —Lisa S.

Price: $4

12. A set of makeup brushes that provide a totally smooth application.,

Promising Review: "These brushes are an absolute steal! They're so soft and have absolutely zero fallout. I love makeup and feeling good about how my makeup looks. These brushes will do everything you want, with a smooth application, and good weight in the hand. Totally worth the money." —Amazon Customer

Price: $16


13. A vacuum for all that pet hair you have laying around the house.,

Promising Review: "A dream come true for pet owners! It came promptly, the packaging was great and the product itself is sturdy and durable. I have a golden retriever pitbull mix who sheds like a crazy person, and her daughter who sheds just as much. Overall, amazing!" —Amazon Customer

Price: $29

14. A sample box filled with all those beauty products you want to test out before your commit.,

Promising Review: "I was so excited when I got this in the mail today that I used the Crest Whitening Strips right away! I subscribe to other beauty boxes and really think this sample box is worth the money since it's basically free (you get a credit of $11.99 to use on select beauty items)!" —lilmissgrumpypants

Price: $12

15. A copy of Beaches because when was the last time you had a really good, ugly cry?

Promising Review: "Haven't seen a weeper as great as this since the days of Crawford and Davis. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey both give wonderful performances as two lifelong friends whose paths diverge, but the friendship remains strong. If you don't cry at the denouement, you have a heart of stone." —H. L. Chappell

Price: $5 for DVD ($19 on Blu-ray, $4+ on Amazon Video, and $13 for Multi-Format)

16. A pair of flats that will become your everyday shoe.,

Promising Review: "This was my first shoe purchase without trying them on first. They're cute, comfortable, and fit perfectly!" —zfgydhdgx

Price: $6+ / Available in women's sizes 6-11 and in a variety of colors.


17. A blister-prevention spray for when you don't wear the above mentioned flats and decide to wear heals.,

Promising Review: "This is a really great product. There's nothing like it. It stops you from getting any blisters or lesions caused by friction. It creates a transparent layer between your skin and your shoe. You spray it on (but try to avoid spraying it on your toe nail polish), it dries quickly (it looks kind of shiny on your skin), and it lasts for eveeeer! I've literally sprayed it on and if I didn't bathe that night it's still on the next day. It holds on well but washes off very easily." —Amazon Customer

Price: $15+

18. A blender so you can become one of those smoothie people.

Promising Review: "Got this for my mom for Christmas. She has arthritis so the plastic jar works well for her. It's easy for her to use and clean. I have the one with the glass jar. Both work so well with many options to choose from. The white with gray looks very nice with our décor in our kitchens." —Honey Bee

Price: $25

19. A grooming glove your pets will love.,

Promising Review: "This is the best grooming tool I've used. Totally approved by my little pet team. They kept coming back to get more pets. Extra hair was removed fast and effectively. The glove fits comfortably on my hand, but it should be OK for small hands too because of the adjustable velcro strap. I used the back of the glove to remove hair from all over the house. The velour side is great at collecting all the hair." —Uzi

Price: $15

20. An eye cream that will be gentle on skin while helping reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Promising Review: "I really like this eye cream. My dermatologist recommended this brand. I use the day and night cream, also. I have used a lot of different eye creams and really find this to be as good if not better than some of the more expensive brands. I tend to have fairly dry skin, but especially around my eyes." —L Christian

Price: $11


21. A Crock-Pot to make dinner time a total breeze.

Promising Review: "Simple, useful, and functional kitchen tool. Easy to clean. Not fancy but then you don't need fancy for cooking, you need reliable and something that does its job well. Size is great for any number of cooking projects from beans to poultry, soups, stews, and on and on." —David A. Pedersen

Price: $29

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