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    David Tennant Is Delighted About Jodie Whittaker's "Doctor Who" Casting

    This is the only opinion that matters.

    Around a month ago, it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would become the 13th person (kind of) – and first woman – to play the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who.


    Of course, because we can't have nice things, there was immediate backlash from people online who were unhappy with the casting.

    I took Daily Mail comments from people angry about a possible Female Dr Who and turned them into episode titles for…


    But now we've been blessed with the only opinion that ~really~ matters. And David Tennant – who played the Tenth Doctor – could not be happier.

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    "It's brilliant," he said. "I can't think of someone better to join the gang, and to be poised to take it to a whole new level."

    In an interview on the Late Show on Wednesday, David revealed Jodie phoned him in a panic before the casting was announced.

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    When Stephen Colbert asked if he was surprised by the backlash, David said it was to be expected when someone new takes over the role.

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    Because EVEN DAVID TENNANT had to deal with backlash.

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    He also said the fact Jodie is a woman won't affect the role at all.

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    "The Doctor can be whatever he needs to be," he continued. "It's about finding the right performer at the right time, and that's Jodie, without a doubt."

    Watch the interview in full here:

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