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The Cast Of "High School Musical" Reunited At Vanessa Hudgens' Halloween Party

They're STILL all in this together.

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If you were a tween in the mid-'00s, High School Musical was without a doubt a huge part of your life. "We're All In This Together" was your jam. Troy and Gabriella were the ultimate #RelationshipGoals, before that was even a thing.

And over this Halloween weekend, your tween self's dreams came true: The cast of the most iconic Disney Channel Original Movie had a mini-reunion.

Vanessa Hudgens (aka Queen Gabriella Montez) threw the ultimate Halloween party, with Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay) and Monique Coleman (Taylor) as guests.

And as well as making a flawless Dionne-from-Clueless, Monique threw a perfect pose with her on-screen love interest, Corbin Bleu (aka Chad).