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We Need To Acknowledge That Niall Is The Most Underrated Member Of One Direction

Harry, Liam, and Louis who?

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Here, allow me to help you. Do you see it yet?

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Is it that freckle thing on Liam's neck? No, not that. Is it Harry's very elaborately embroidered jacket? No, it's not that either.


Just look at this charming smile.

Not to mention he can rock a hands-free mic better than Britney in the mid-00s.

And why does he need that hands-free mic? Oh yeah, because he plays the guitar like a goddamn pro.

And okay, so you can't hear it, because this is a picture, but imagine a glorious Irish accent coming out of this glorious mouth.

Top o' the morning to ya, Niall. If you know what I mean. 🍀😉🍀😉🍀😉

But Niall isn't simply a multi-millionaire, world-famous, award-winning, beautiful, Irish musician. He has other interests. Like travelling...

He also cooks. Because of course he does.

He's also evidently an expert at caption banter.

You know he's humble and doesn't let his fame get to his head, because here's a picture of him on the tube:


So. Adorable.


And it's not just his mum that loves him. Here's Liam, pointing at Niall and yelling, "Why does nobody give this man enough appreciation?", probably.

So the world is sorry for not giving you enough appreciation, Niall. Please forgive us.