Updated on Mar 22, 2019. Posted on Mar 19, 2019

    Here's Our First Proper Look At "Toy Story 4"

    Why are there still three more months to wait until June 21?!

    Get ready for some nostalgia, '90s kids, because the first full trailer for the highly anticipated Toy Story 4 is finally here!

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    In the trailer, we see Woody introducing a new friend to the toys we all know and love from the first three movies.

    Walt Disney Studios / youtube.com

    The new toy is called Forky. He was made out of a plastic spork, pipecleaner, a lollipop stick, and play dough by Bonnie, the little girl who all the toys went to live with at the end of Toy Story 3.

    Then Forky makes a dramatic escape from Bonnie's house so he can go back to where he belongs — the trash. (Relatable.)

    Walt Disney Studios / youtube.com

    Of course, Woody and the gang have to go on an adventure to rescue Forky and bring him back to Bonnie, because he's her favourite toy.

    They have several mishaps along the way, including a run-in with a seriously creepy doll and a bunch of ventriloquist's dummies in an antiques store, where they're saved by a very badass Bo Peep.

    Walt Disney Studios / youtube.com

    Bo tries to convince Woody that he shouldn't go back to Bonnie's room, and instead should stay at the fun fair, where they can be free.

    Walt Disney Studios / youtube.com

    I guess we'll have to wait and see if the toys ever make it back to Bonnie.

    Walt Disney Studios / youtube.com

    Toy Story 4 will be released on June 21.

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