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    The Cast Of "Suicide Squad" Draw Each Other As Superheroes

    We all know that Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Cara Delevingne – the stars of DC's newest movie, Suicide Squad – are talented as hell. So when BuzzFeed met up with them in London last week to talk about the film, we also decided to put some of their lesser-known talents to the test. We provided them with paper, pens, and one challenge: to draw each other as superheroes.


    We also had a few questions about the making of the film. So we decided to chat with the stars while they were drawing...

    What's the weirdest thing that happened on set?

    Margot Robbie: That’s hard. A lot of weird things happened. Maybe the time Jai [Courtney, who played Captain Boomerang] chased David [Ayer, director] around the base camp...naked. That was a weird one.

    Will Smith: That was awkward.

    MR: Actually, that wasn’t weird at all, because Jai was always naked. So I take that back.

    Cara Delevingne: There wasn’t a not weird moment on set. There wasn’t a normal moment on set.

    WS: It was pretty weird.


    Who was the funniest person on set?

    Will, Cara, and Margot: [simultaneously] Jay!

    MR: I’m a sucker for Jay’s sense of humour. He’s so funny.

    CD: Everyone’s pretty freakin’ hysterical though.

    MR: In the movie, I think Captain Boomerang – maybe it’s just the Aussie sense of humour – but I think he’s hilarious. But Jay in real life – Jay Hernandez, he plays El Diablo – he’s so funny.

    CD: His little one-liners are just great.

    MR: Dad jokes.


    Which character would you want on your side in a fight?

    MR: It’s hard, because some of them have a lot of powers, but they’re a bit unpredictable, so they might not really help you out when you need it. So I would say...Katana.

    CD: Yeah, she’s very loyal.

    MR: She’s not gonna screw you over.

    WS: Also, she’s not gonna kill the person if you did something wrong.

    MR: She’s good with a sword.

    WS: Yeah, she can kill people if she needs to kill them, but she has integrity. She definitely has the most integrity out of all of us. We just like killing people. If you call Harley…

    MR: She might kill you by mistake.


    I'm assuming you're not much like your characters in real life, so what did you do to prepare for your roles?

    WS: No, they’re really a lot like all of us.

    MR: We did, like, a month of rehearsals beforehand with David in a room where we were all together day after day. It was like group therapy, it was really interesting. That was pretty intense.

    And you all turned psycho.

    MR: And everyone was crazy by the end of it, and it was perfect for the role. [laughs] I also did about six months of physical prep. We did physical strength and gymnastics and shooting and that kind of stuff. It was very fun.

    And then it was time for the big reveal...


    MR: [to Cara] Yours is actually really good.

    CD: I need to give him legs, I don't have any room left. Maybe he has no legs. He's floating. He's a genie!

    MR: Those are some serious nips.

    WS: Those are real nipples right there.

    CD: He's a Willeenie. And he comes out of...a penis.

    Well, there it is.

    Margot Robbie by Will Smith


    MR: I'm wearing glasses.

    WS: Yeah, I just felt artistically like you would have glasses on.

    Does she have powers?

    CD: She has the power of being blind.

    WS: No, she can see through your soul to your deepest inner truth.

    MR: They're soul-seeing glasses.

    WS: Soul shades.

    Will Smith by Cara Delevingne


    CD: Will doesn't have a power. He's a ghost.

    MR: He's just got amazing nipples.

    Cara Delevingne by Margot Robbie


    MR: You have so much atmosphere around you. That's all your power. She's got a bit of a mischievous thing going on. And that's your little half-moon hat that you wear.

    Thanks for playing along, guys!

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Make sure you catch Will, Margot, and Cara in Suicide Squad, in cinemas now!

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