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    23 Underrated Netflix Shows You Should Totally Be Watching

    Prepare to get addicted.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what they think is the most underrated show on Netflix. Here are some of their best and most popular recommendations.

    1. Lost Girl


    Available on: Netflix USA

    "I discovered it on Netflix because it's Canadian and literally no one I know has ever seen it. Perfect combination of sci-fi cheese and female badassery."

    Submitted by Rachel Kimbrel Mansfield, Facebook.

    2. Grace and Frankie


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "Honest, heart wrenching, hilarious, and showcases two incredible women who are older than the traditional leading lady. Come emotionally prepared – it will hit you hard. And it’s just been given the green light for a third season, so there’s plenty to watch."

    Submitted by rosiem4624082c6.

    3. Penny Dreadful


    Available on: Netflix France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, and more

    "Great actors, wonderful female protagonist, and already at season 3!"

    Submitted by juul.

    4. Between


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "I got creeped out at first, but could not stop watching it. A virus gets spread into a town, killing everyone that is 21 years and older, and the remaining young adults have to figure out a way to bring some normality and control back to the town while also taking care of the younger kids. There are a few twists in it, but if you’re after something different it’s a good show to watch."

    Submitted by erinm115.

    5. Being Mary Jane


    Available on: Netflix USA

    "It's about a successful black news anchor who has to navigate issues of class and race. Gabrielle Union is excellent."

    Submitted by imafreakokay.

    6. Your Lie in April

    Fuji TV

    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, and Canada

    "Starts off slow, but it's beautifully animated, the music is excellent, and if you don't get teary at the end you have no soul."

    Submitted by Daniel Mattock, Facebook.

    7. Sense8


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "It’s got an incredible cast from all over the world, is incredibly inclusive, has a great storyline, and characters with good chemistry and amazing character development. The premise starts out simple but gets much more interesting as it goes. Basically, there are 8 different people around the world whose minds are suddenly linked. The way it’s filmed makes it so that it doesn’t look weird and no CGI or special effects are needed."

    Submitted by luxinthetux.

    8. The Following


    Available on: Netflix USA, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and more

    "It's the best show I have watched in a long time. Anyone who likes Criminal Minds, Dexter, and even fans of a show like 24 would dig this – amazing mystery that is smartly written and always keeps you guessing."

    Submitted by Janet McClenny, Facebook.

    9. Peaky Blinders


    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, France, Germany, and more

    "Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is one of the most badass TV characters I've had the pleasure of watching. The dude does not mess around, and I've loved watching him work and scheme his way up the ladder. Cannot wait for season 3."

    Submitted by Vince Pipitone, Facebook.

    10. Happy Valley


    Available on: Netflix USA, Canada, France, Germany, and more

    "Hands down the most underrated show out there. I mean, just go check the ratings and you will start questioning why you didn't find it sooner."

    Submitted by tiship.

    11. Orphan Black

    BBC America

    Available on: Netflix UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and more

    "Tatiana Maslany is INCREDIBLE at her portrayal of so many different characters and the plots just have me hooked. I'm not normally a sci-fi fan, but the blend of sci-fi, drama, thriller, and action made me a loyal fan!"

    Submitted by Abby Rhoades Hogan, Facebook.

    12. Reign

    The CW

    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, France, Brazil, and more

    "It’s so trashy and OTT it's fabulous, and it has amazing costumes and music."

    Submitted by claremunster83.

    13. iZombie

    The CW

    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, India, Spain, and more

    "iZombie has all the makings of your usual suspenseful American drama, with added humour and a unique take on zombies."

    Submitted by Fraser Mycroft, Facebook.

    14. Jericho


    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, Canada, France, and more

    "It's one of my favourite shows ever – love, friendship, heartbreak, and comedy all woven into a programme about a town singled out (with a few others) during a nuclear attack on America. If there is any show you binge-watch this summer, make it Jericho – you won’t regret it."

    Submitted by eliseeharveyy.

    15. Life Unexpected

    The CW

    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, and more

    "It’s full of emotion and made me both laugh and cry. It’s just a shame it was cancelled after just two seasons because it ends with so many unanswered questions."

    Submitted by d42cd82d9a.

    16. Whitechapel


    Available on: Netflix UK, France, Brazil, Mexico, and more

    "It's brilliantly creepy, short enough to consume seasons in a single sitting, but long enough that each season feels like a feature-length film. It's actually properly scary too, but not in the overtly situational way something like AHS is scary, but in the slower and more sinister psychological sense."

    Submitted by Kat Stone, Facebook.

    17. Twisted

    ABC Family

    Available on: Netflix USA

    "It's a bit like Pretty Little Liars, but with more brooding. There’s only one season at the moment, but there is a petition to get Netflix to make a second one. The more people watch, the more likely that will happen, so please give it a go!"

    Submitted by kellyqpr5.

    18. Shadowhunters


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "It's based on the Mortal Instruments series, so there's lots of fangirl moments if you’ve read the books or just some good supernatural drama if not. The casting is A+ as well. Only one season so far, but fingers crossed for more."

    Submitted by loveangelstarcl.

    19. The Killing


    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more

    "It's a crime drama/political thriller/social commentary set in Seattle. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are amazing."

    Submitted by Ashleigh Bartlett, Facebook.

    20. Flaked


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "Awesome characters, great writing, and a phenomenal twist in the story."

    Submitted by Patrick Knight Stafford, Facebook.

    21. Raising Hope


    Available on: Netflix USA

    "A great comedy about a guy who accidentally has a baby with a serial killer and then has to raise her with his very interesting family."

    Submitted by Gallifreyaan.

    22. Rita


    Available on: Netflix USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more

    "It's a really charming little series about a teacher trying her best for the kids while having a shit ton of her own issues. I'm really disappointed that there isn't going to be any more of it."

    Submitted by Ashlie Jay Higgins, Facebook.

    23. The Returned


    Available on: Netflix Worldwide

    "I'm crushed there's only one season. It's creepy, dramatic, and has a twisted plot that'll keep you coming back!"

    Submitted by Marley Marls, Facebook.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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