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    Blake Lively And Anna Kendrick Just Teamed Up To Roast Ryan Reynolds, And They Totally Won

    "So glad we're taking this public."

    At this point, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively need no introduction. When they're not busy being the hottest couple on every red carpet, they're roasting each other on social media for our enjoyment.

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    And I'm sure you know Anna Kendrick, star of the Pitch Perfect movies and all-round hilarious lady.

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    Yesterday, Blake shared some new posters on Instagram for her upcoming movie, A Simple Favor, which comes out later this year and also stars one Anna Kendrick.

    So, in traditional Blake fashion, she took the caption as an opportunity to take a sly dig at her husband.

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    And of course, Anna was on hand straight away to join in on the joke.

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    Sidenote: I fully support Anna Kendrick as Deadpool and may start a petition to cast her in the third movie.

    So people immediately flooded the comments, @-ing Ryan and waiting for one of his trademark comebacks.

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    Of course, he didn't disappoint. But he did admit defeat.

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    Congrats on winning this round, ladies.

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