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    13 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

    Because there are no coincidences in the wizarding world.

    1. This brilliant theory, regarding Professor Trelawney's prophecy:

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    Trelawney's theory states that "either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives". Harry takes that to mean that, in the end, either he would kill Voldemort, or Voldemort would kill Harry – but this Imgur user sees it differently. Their theory states that the only way either could die would be at the hand of the other – in other words, after killing Voldemort, Harry would become immortal. Meaning that he could never see his parents, Sirius, or Dumbledore again. Sorry for the feelings.

    2. And this theory, which proves that Trelawney isn't ~quite~ as useless as you might think.

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    In Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Trelawney attempts to guess Harry's birth month, and she guesses that he was born in midwinter. Harry was born in July, but this Quora user points out that Voldemort – a part of whose soul was inside Harry at the time – was born on Dec. 31. MIDWINTER.

    3. This theory, which explains why the Dursleys behaved so awfully towards Harry.

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    While the Dursleys' treatment of Harry was obviously inexcusable, it kind of makes sense the way this Tumblr user explains it: Because Voldemort accidentally made Harry into a Horcrux – and, as we know from Deathly Hallows – spending time in the proximity of a Horcrux makes people mean-spirited and miserable – the Dursleys could have acted the way they did because they spend 10 years in the proximity of a Horcrux.

    4. This theory that the centaurs in the Forbidden Forest knew about Harry's fate all along.

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    This Quora user points out the significance of Harry's meeting with Voldemort in Philosopher's Stone, but the even greater significance of his conversation with the centaur Firenze. Firenze is reprimanded by the other centaurs, who ask him how much he told Harry – the theory states that the centaurs knew all along that Harry and Voldemort would end up fighting to the death in the forest (as they do in Deathly Hallows) and, as is their policy, they can't do anything to stop it.

    5. This theory that Harry, Snape, and Voldemort represent the Peverell brothers, and Dumbledore is Death.

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    The theory of the Three Brothers is widely accepted: Voldemort is the eldest brother, who became obsessed with overcoming death; Snape is the middle brother, who spent his life clinging to his lost love; Harry is the youngest brother, who "greeted death like an old friend" – but this Tumblr user points out that the "old friend" Harry greets at the time of his (first) death is Dumbledore.

    (Even J.K. herself approves of this one!)

    6. This theory about the etymology of the Muggle word "abracadabra".

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    It doesn't take a genius to realise the similarity between the Muggle word "abracadabra" and "Avada Kedavra", the killing curse. But this Reddit user links the similarity to a relationship between wizards and Muggles that existed before the Statute of Secrecy was passed in 1692, while another Redditor suggests that the killing curse was originally used to cure disease – or "kill" bacteria and viruses. This makes ~even more~ sense because, as the Huffington Post pointed out, at one point, people thought that "abracadabra" could cure the symptoms of the bubonic plague.

    7. This theory that the Weasleys' visit to St Mungo's contained some foreshadowing.

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    This Quora user points out that, when Harry visits Mr Weasley in St Mungo's during Order of the Phoenix, the hospital's wards are named as such:

    β€’ Creature-Induced Injuries

    β€’ Dangerous

    β€’ Dai Llewellyn Ward

    β€’Β Serious Bites

    If you read the first word of each line consecutively, it reads "Creature Dangerous Dai Serious" – which sounds suspiciously like "Kreacher dangerous, die Sirius"!

    8. This theory as to why Dumbledore awarded 10 house points to Neville at the end of Philosopher's Stone.

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    During the end of year feast in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Dumbledore awards house points to Harry, Ron, and Hermione for successfully beating Voldemort. He also awards 10 points to Neville because, as he says, "it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends". This Quora user points out that Dumbledore knows exactly how much bravery this takes – because he had to fight his friend, Grindelwald.

    9. This theory that Harry and Ron, while doing their divination homework, predict the events of Goblet of Fire.

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    In Goblet of Fire, Harry and Ron give up on their divination homework and decide to completely make up their predictions. This Tumblr user points out that what they predict seem to be exactly what happens to Harry throughout the rest of the book: He is put "in danger of burns" during the First Task, "loses a treasured possession" during the Second Task, is "stabbed in the back" by a friend (i.e., Professor Moody), and, finally, "comes off worse in a fight".

    10. This theory about the final stage of creating a Horcrux.

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    This Reddit user discusses the idea that, in order to create a Horcrux, the creator has to consume the flesh and blood of their victim. JKR herself has kept quiet on this matter – all we know is that her editor threw up when they were told the exact process. This could be disproven if we consider that Harry himself was a Horcrux, but J.K. has said that Harry wasn't a true Horcrux. Voldemort never went through the correct process to create a Horcrux, so the theory still stands. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

    11. This theory that Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, used to belong to the Potters.

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    This Quora user has a theory that Crookshanks was actually Lily Potter's cat. When Hermione buys him at the Magical Menagerie on Diagon Alley, the owner tells her they have had the cat for "quite some time". The theory is made stronger by the fact that Crookshanks immediately recognises Wormtail and Sirius in their animagus forms – because they would have frequently visited the Potters in Godric's Hollow.

    12. This theory, which explains why the Dementors are so interested in Harry.

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    This Reddit user points out that because Harry was a Horcrux, he had just a little bit more soul than everyone else. While Lupin explains to Harry that the Dementors are more interested in him because of the horrific things he has experienced in his past, this ~could~ be the real reason.

    13. And, finally, this theory that Voldemort was responsible for the destruction of his own Horcruxes.

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    While all seven of Voldemort's Horcruxes were destroyed by different wizards – and, obviously, he didn't destroy any himself – this Quora user points out that the destruction of each Horcrux was ~made possible~ by Voldemort. Five of the Horcruxes (the diary, the locket, the cup, the ring, and Nagini) were destroyed using Basilisk venom – either from the fangs of the Basilisk itself, or using the sword of Gryffindor, which was impregnated with the venom. Voldemort was the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets and allowed access to the Basilisk in the first place. The diadem was destroyed by the Fiendfyre conjured by Crabbe in the Room of Requirement – a spell taught to him by Voldemort's Death Eaters. And the final Horcrux, Harry, was destroyed by Voldemort's own killing curse. Sorry, Voldy.