Katy Perry Just Shared A Video Of Her "Gross" Pregnancy Belly Button And It's Super Real

    "Do you guys wanna see something gross?"

    In case you missed the good news, Katy Perry is pregnant!

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    The "Firework" singer announced the news in the music video for her single "Never Worn White" back in March, later revealing that she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are expecting a baby girl arriving this summer.

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    Of course, the coronavirus pandemic means Katy has spent the majority of her pregnancy in quarantine — and she's been open about how she's dealing with the whole thing.

    Katy has also been super honest about the biggest negatives of quarantining during pregnancy — namely that she can't get her hands on her cravings whenever she wants.

    "You hear stories of a pregnant woman craving something and the husband or fiancé goes and rushes to the grocery store at two in the morning," she told Good Morning America.

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    She joked: "It's like, 'Do you really need that pickle? Do you want to risk your life for a pickle?'"

    Now Katy has shared her latest example of pregnancy honesty with her followers, hopping onto her Instagram story to post a video of her very, very swollen...belly button.

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    "Do you guys wanna see something gross?" Katy said in the video, before zooming in on her swollen belly button.

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    She captioned the video "pregnancy realness" with a nauseous emoji, just in case you were wondering how she felt about the whole thing.

    "Do you guys wanna see something gorgeous?" she said in a follow-up video, before panning to her ~look~ of the day. "That's what you get! It's a payoff for looking at my gross belly button."

    And, of course, the look didn't disappoint.

    We can always count on Katy to keep it real. 🔥

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