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Justin Timberlake Just Performed At Eurovision And People Are Taking The Piss

Justin loves Your-Oh-Vision.

In case you weren't aware, The Eurovision Song Contest 2016 happened tonight. It's a competition where all the countries of Europe (and Australia?) sing songs to see which country is the most well-liked.

All the countries performed, and everyone loved it. There were hot guys, crazy outfits, and sassy comments from Graham Norton (in the UK).

Then, all of a sudden, as if by magic, Justin Timberlake showed up. He's an American, and Americans aren't usually invited to Eurovision.

He has been in Europe promoting his new movie, Dreamworks' Trolls.

He also did a performance of "Rock Your Body", followed by his new song, "Can't Stop the Feeling".

There's just one problem with this: YOU ARE NOT FROM EUROPE (or Australia), JUSTIN.

“Why the fuck am I here?” #Eurovision

He seemed really confused about why he was there, tbh.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Eurovisions…” #BBCEurovision

A lot of people were taking the piss...

Mostly there were just a lot of Europeans being pissed that America managed to muscle their way into THE ONE RIDICULOUS THING THAT'S ALL OURS.

Yes, Justin Timberlake is cool and everything, but there's just one problem...

And after all of this, he'll probably still win the contest.

Can we vote for this guy? #Eurovision

tbh justin timberlake will get more points than the uk #Eurovision

It might take a while, but we'll forgive you eventually, Justin.