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Ariana Grande Proves She's Just Like Us By Becoming Addicted To Pokémon Go

In which Ariana Grande is all of us.

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In case you didn't know, this is excessively talented pop artist and ponytail connoisseur Ariana Grande.

You're probably also aware of Pokémon Go, the video game phenomenon that's currently taking over the entire globe.


No, Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper, I won't.

But it turns out that not even celebrities are immune to the addictive powers of Pokémon Go, because Ariana Grande seems to be literally addicted to Pokémon Go.

Here is a picture of Ariana Grande's face photoshopped on a Pikachu, because yeah, why not?

You'll already know this if you follow her on Instagram, because she is constantly posting Pokédex updates, like when she caught this Dragonair.

Instagram: @arianagrande

Yesterday she announced to the world that she had reached Level 20 with this captionless screenshot.

Instagram: @arianagrande

I can't tell you for sure because I don't know Ariana Grande on a personal level, but I think Eevee is her favourite.

Instagram: @arianagrande

She regularly goes out at night to hunt for Pokémon and documents the journey on her Snapchat.

Ariana Grande /

Remember that story about the hordes of people crowding Santa Monica Pier to catch a Wartortle?

She was just wearing a Pikachu face mask to hide her famous face.

Ariana Grande / Snapchat

People still recognised her though, because she's Ariana Grande, and she's hella famous.

Ariana Grande / Snapchat

In conclusion, Ariana Grande knows what's important in life, and now I want to go hunting for Pokémon with her.

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