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    Chrissy Teigen Shared A Video Of Her Ultrasound Scan And Opened Up About Experiencing Pregnancy Anxiety

    "Before I’m able to start feeling the kicks, the anxiety gets the best of me..."

    I'm sure you've heard the good news by now, but in case you missed it: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their third child!

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    The couple announced the news in the music video for John's song "Wild", with Chrissy posting a video showing off her baby bump on Twitter just a few hours later.

    In a recent interview with People, John explained that they had been hesitant to reveal Chrissy's pregnancy in the video, because she was so early on in her pregnancy when they shot it.

    "She was kind of hedging her bets, because we were early in our pregnancy," he said. "We hadn't taken all the tests to make sure everything is OK, and she said, 'Let's just shoot it,' and by the time the video would be edited, we could decide whether or not to use that scene."

    According to Chrissy, the pregnancy came as a huge surprise, especially considering the couple had dealt with fertility issues in the past, and had conceived their first two children using IVF.

    In a thread on Twitter, Chrissy explained that she had taken a pregnancy test before the surgery to have her breast implants removed back in June. The test came back negative, but it turned out the results were wrong.

    a few weeks after surgery, I took a test. And for many years now, I've taken pregnancy tests almost every month, praying to see a positive one day. Just wishful thinking. I never had a positive before.

    ...I was not disappointed. But I was scared shitless. Was pretty positive you shouldn't get your boobs out while pregnant? Pretty sure.

    "[We] went to every appointment terrified," she wrote. "Even without the surgery, I didn't think I could get pregnant naturally anyway."

    So we prayed to the boob surgery gods that everything would be okay. Went to every appointment terrified. Even without the surgery, I didn't think I could get pregnant naturally anyway. So the odds just felt...bad.

    Thankfully, everything turned out well for Chrissy and John, and our favourite celeb parents are getting ready to welcome the third addition to their family.

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    But on Monday, Chrissy opened up a little more about her pregnancy experience this time around, revealing there are occasions when "the anxiety gets the best of her".

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    "Before I’m able to start feeling the kicks, the anxiety gets the best of me," Chrissy wrote alongside a video of her receiving an ultrasound scan. "Any little bits of spotting or pain freak me ouuuuuut."

    She ended the post with reassurance that the baby is making "some big growth moves" and "all is well".

    Meanwhile on Twitter, Chrissy revealed that her 4-year-old daughter Luna has ambitions of becoming a doctor.

    dr Luna! she mainly wants to work on animals but she feels like I’m pretty similar these days

    "She mainly wants to work on animals, but she feels like I'm pretty similar these days," she joked.

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