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    18 Reasons Rose Tyler Was Undeniably The Best Companion On "Doctor Who"

    In honour of Billie Piper's 33rd birthday.

    1. She embraced cultural differences during her travels with the Doctor...

    2. And managed to have fun, even when she was battling dangerous alien things.

    3. But she still kept sight of what was most important.

    4. She knew how to have a laugh in every situation...

    5. And she wasn't afraid to express how we all felt about the Tenth Doctor.

    6. She literally laughed in the face (eye-stalk?) of danger...

    7. And most of the time was so badass that she just thought monsters were really, really cool.

    8. In fact, she was pretty much the most badass human being on the planet.

    9. So. Goddamn. Cool.

    10. She was pretty much all of us in most situations...

    11. And she always remembered to bring the sass.

    12. Not to mention, her hair was always completely flawless.

    13. Her romance with Ten was simultaneously the cutest and most heartbreaking thing to ever exist.

    14. Because they looked at each other like this:

    Basically the human/Time Lord equivalent of the heart-eyes emoji. 😍😍😍

    15. And her friendship with Nine was equally as adorable.

    16. She managed to shatter our hearts into a million tiny pieces with this scene...

    17. And light up our lives with her perfect smile.

    18. And she was definitely 100% without a doubt the most relatable companion yet.

    Happy 33rd birthday, Billie Piper!