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23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was Too Precious For This World

"A bath solves most of the problems in my life. And Pizza Express."

1. When he made a PSA sticking up for mistreated Hufflepuffs across the globe.

2. When he was really committed to teaching Jimmy Fallon how to do the mating dance from Fantastic Beasts.

3. When it was time for him to choose his Fantastic Beasts wand, and he completely geeked out.

4. And then when he found out that Daniel Radcliffe didn't like his wand, and he was devastated.

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5. AND when he revealed that he became so attached to his wand, he sometimes just travels around with it.

6. When he was given a handmade Bowtruckle at the premiere of Fantastic Beasts, and he geeked out over that too.

7. When he went on The Graham Norton Show and proved he's an actual wizard in real life, too.

8. And then wooed us all with this perfect pick-up line.

9. When he discovered his Patronus, and it was a slightly dopey Basset hound.

10. When he revealed that his shirtless scene was cut from Fantastic Beasts because he was too busy showing off his guns to focus on the acting.

11. When he said this about his little four-month-old daughter, and your heart melted a little.

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12. And when he talked about how he asked his now wife on a trip to Florence for their second date, and your heart melted even further.

13. OH, and then when he talked about how cool it is to be able to call her his wife.

14. When he was angry at the prospect of people photoshopping off his freckles.

15. When he expressed his disappointment at never being cast in one of the Harry Potter films.

16. When we asked him some red carpet questions usually reserved for women, and he totally took them in his stride.

17. When he got a little bit confused about his role as physicIST Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

18. When he revealed that he had a crush on a cartoon character as a child, and Anna Kendrick had to rush to his defence.

19. When he went through airport security with his Golden Globe in his bag, and he was really excited when they asked him to open it.

20. When he talked about his terrible dancing.

21. When he revealed that he's such a huge fan of Friends that he once stalked Jennifer Aniston for an entire evening.

22. When he discussed his methods of relieving stress, and it was honestly just really relatable.

23. And, finally, when he had the most quintessentially British response to being told he's a national treasure.