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    Eddie Redmayne Made A PSA To Stop People Making Fun Of Hufflepuffs


    Eddie Redmayne is currently making magic as Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which as all good Potterheads will know is the first film to feature a Hufflepuff in a lead role.

    Warner Bros.

    (Sorry, Cedric Diggory.)

    And now Eddie has teamed up with MTV (Muggle TV, probably) to make a public service announcement, rallying against the unfair treatment of Hufflepuffs everywhere.

    MTV / / MTV/videos/10154216132176701/

    All proud Hufflepuffs will understand the struggle of being told you're in the "boring" house.

    MTV / / MTV/videos/10154216132176701/

    Things got emotional.

    MTV / / MTV/videos/10154216132176701/

    Things got heated.

    MTV / / MTV/videos/10154216132176701/

    But, most importantly, Eddie had a message for all the Hufflepuff-haters out there.

    MTV / / MTV/videos/10154216132176701/

    Watch the important announcement in full here:

    Facebook: video.php

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