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Melissa McCarthy Announces Her Return To "Gilmore Girls"


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And you've probably also been really sad, because it has been confirmed that Melissa McCarthy – aka Sookie St. James, Lorelai's best friend and one of the greatest parts of the show – wouldn't be returning due to scheduling conflicts.

Sookie's prospects looked doomed. Melissa McCarthy confirmed it herself in an interview with Refinery29:

It's not. They didn't ask. And once this came out, because people were starting to say, "Oh, you won't do it. You're too big and busy now." I was like, "No. No one invited me to the party. I didn't get a single call." And then after that, it was kind of, "Well, she'd like to do it, you guys can call us." I have to call and ask? And now I can't make it happen. I thought it was the strangest thing. I am really proud of that show. I can't wait for my kids to see it.


You can watch the exciting announcement in full here:

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