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The 33 Most Important Animal Selfies In History

Everyone knows that a good selfie takes perseverance, dedication, and skill. These are the animals who have risen above the rest in this Millenial art form.

33. The Beginner Selfie

His aspirations were big, but the product fell short. Nevertheless, Beginner Selfie Kitty may one day move up the ranks if he is dedicated to the art.

32. The "I don't know what expression to make" Dog

Does he smile? Does he smize? Doesn't matter, because either way his efforts do not go unnoticed.

31. The Angry Chicken

The chicken is not one to make a fool of himself. Thus his selfies are fierce; a gaze penetrating through the screen to the very core of your being, a talent not all have.

30. Out-of-Focus Squirrel

While exhibiting a knack for posing and use of natural lighting, this squirrel didn't quite manage to achieve a good focus. Alas, the brute strength it took for him to hold the camera is awe-inspiring.

29. The Acquaintance Selfie Goat

This piece of history is truly important, as it captures the expressions of and distance between two people who are not particularly close, yet feel obliged to take a selfie.

28. The Beanie Kitty

A kitty in a beanie, shattering illusions of the way cats are supposed to dress, act, and take selfies.

27. The Horsin' Around Gang

Always desperate for a #Squad picture, these fierce ladies are professionals in large group selfie-taking.

26. The Deuce Thrower

When presented in a selfie, the peace sign adds significant style. This pooch certainly knows how to impress.

25. The Angsty Teenager

He doesn't know why he's posting this. It doesn't look that good. He'll probably take it down anyway. But until then, we may marvel at the mastery of his arm-stretch technique.

24. The Party Cat

This cat knows how to party, and even more so, how to capture his emotion and thrill in the form of a stunning selfie. Rage on, Party Cat, for the night is long.

23. Marcus The Traveller

Marcus is renowned for his ability to capture not only the exotic essence of the beaches he travels to, but also nearly his entire body.

22. The "Look How Much Fun We're Having" Deer

With mouth agape and eyebrows "on fleek", this deer poses professionally to prove that any worthy selfie communicates the intense level of fun occurring at the scene of the photo.

21. The Art Student

Gabi Marian / Facebook:

Expressing himself through the lens of a camera, this cat shows the world that a photographer isn't about who you are on the outside.

20. The Proud Papa

Spectator to an important moment in his life's history, this proud father fearlessly took the camera by the lens and posed. "Hey, look what I made!"

19. The High Altitude Selfie

This daring kitten can climb to the summit of ANY piece of furniture, and here is a selfie to prove this daring feat.

18. The Selfie Music Video Dog

View this video on YouTube

"But first, let me take a selfie." And alas, take selfies he did.

17. The Vacation Selfie Llama

Mercury Press & Media Ltd

When you're traveling alone, take some tips from this artist in the field, as he has captured the beautiful landscape as well as his own beautiful face.

16. The 3am Facebook Cat

With cunning and skill, this cat posts into the wee hours of the morn, hoping for at least one or two 'likes.'

15. The Ironic Selfie Dog

The key to an ironic selfie is a background to properly juxtapose the joy expressed on the selfie-taker's face. Ironic Selfie Dog has executed this flawlessly, as turmoil between canines unfolds in the scene behind him.

14. The Online Dating Profile Sloth

Confident in his own skin, this sloth's selfie game is of the highest regard.

13. The "Hangin' Out Bored HMU" Dog

When the days were bleak and the hours long, this brave beast donned a smile and fearlessly snapped the selfie you see before you.

12. The Duckface

This feline defies his own anatomical structure by displaying a duckface so pure, many are not convinced he is not actually a duck.

11. The BAE Pug

This is true art; the ability to 'chill with bae' and simultaneously capture the moment in one skillfully composed selfie.

10. The Dog Who Just Worked Out

He has battled laziness and braved the gym. "Let it be known," he whispers as he flexes for the selfie.

9. The Driver's License Selfie

David Slater/Caters

Contrary to popular belief, this monkey cannot drive a car. However, his selfie presence shows that his driver's license picture would be note-worthy.

8. The GIRLFRAANS Selfie Camel

Hossam Antikka / Caters News Agency

Through a display of utter euphoria and elation, this camel proves he is a talented model, hot in the selfie scene.

7. Camera Stealing Lemur

View this video on YouTube

To express his talents in the art of selfie-ing, this lemur seized a camera from a photographer within reach, and proved to the world that he's got what it takes.

6. The "This Describes Our Relationship" Selfie

These canines are nothing short of "cray cray", and through perseverance and strength, have provided a selfie that perfectly sums up this fact.

5. Shark Tank

This Great White uses his cunning to approach the selfie at an angle which provides a humorous touch, as if at any moment he could decide to attack as opposed to smile. True comedy, dear shark.

4. The Trunk Selfie

Caters News Agency

None can match the talents of the elephant when it comes to reach length. This selfie documents the powerful images that can come from holding the camera with your trunk.

3. Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat

It is hard to contain such greatness in one selfie, but with combined forces, these two legends have truly done it.

2. The Natural

The Quokka is physiologically adapted to be the best in the art of selfie-taking. And this photo is the Holy Grail amongst quokka selfies, adored by men, women and children alike.

1. The Original

One selfie to rule them all. This is where it all began. King of Animal Selfies.

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