• 1. Cam’ron

    “Suck a dick no homo”

  • 2. Lil Wayne

    “Got money out the ass no homo”

  • 3. Juelz Santana

    “Whenever I say no homo you could bet your balls I meant it”

  • 4. 50 Cent

    “Yayo, bring the condoms, I’m in room 203”

  • 5. Young Jeezy

    “You can miss me with that ‘he can’t rap’ shit, Tell them faggot ass niggas to wrap they lips around my dick”

  • 6. Notorious B.I.G

    “Niggaz press they luck-and they get a buttfuck-in, Straight up the ass, raw dog with the rash and I don’t fuck wit the condoms”

  • 7. Kanye West

    “It’s crazy how you can go from being Joe Blow, to everybody on your dick - no homo”

  • 8. Nas

    “Dick suckin’ lips, why won’t you let the late great veteran live?”

  • 9. 2Pac

    “Picture me payin’ for pussy when the dick’s for free, Hey now! Where my niggaz at?”

  • 10. Jay-Z

    “Faggots hate when you getting money like athletes”

  • 11. Dr. Dre

    “Gap teeth in your mouth, so my dick’s gotsta fit”

  • 12. Big Pun

    “When you awaken, your manhood will be taken”

  • 13. Rick Ross

    “I handle homos solo”

  • 14. Pharrell

    “You ain’t heard that we swallow guys?”