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12 Evilest Pope Pictures

Pope Benedict XVI has been given a lot of flack lately, but in all of this it's important not to forget what the man is actually good at: looking absolutely bloodcurdlingly godawfully creepy. Here's a selection of some of Benny's greatest hits, did I forget any?

  • 1. Yes, yes, just a little bit closer!

  • 2. Bad Santa

  • 3. Poor fools, they suspect nothing!

  • 4. I will call him “Damien”

  • 5. Force choke!

  • 6. Disturbingly, he looks most innocent when wearing a Nazi uniform

  • 7. Ooga booga booga!

  • 8. Oh I'll be back...

  • 9. You cannot escape the flying Pope

  • 10. Actually not so bad

  • 11. Suffer the little children

  • 12. And beyond...