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    The "Zola" Trailer Finally Dropped, And I Cannot Wait For This Mess Of A Story To Come To Life

    "This is messy! You are messy! Your BRAIN is broke!"

    The year is 2015. I am but a wee sophomore in college when all my friends start texting me and asking if I've seen this ~Zola~ story on Twitter. At the time, I had not:

    Archived Snapchat of me asking who Zola is

    SO, I proceeded to spend my break between classes hunkered down in the Warren Towers Starbucks to read this entire saga from start to finish. Needless to say, I was never the same.

    Meme of Kris Jenner reading something on her computer with her mouth open in awe

    In case you need a refresher, this story is about a woman named Zola who gets roped into a trip down to Florida by a woman named Jess (who she met during her shift at Hooters). What was supposed to be a weekend of "hoeism" and stripping turned into one of prostitution, extortion, murder, and an unhinged man named Jarrett.

    Archived tweets from Zola's account

    Almost IMMEDIATELY after this tale went viral, people were demanding for a movie to be made. And now, nearly six years later, we have our first look at Zola:

    View this video on YouTube

    A24 /

    God bless A24.

    "Y'all wanna hear a story about how me and this bitch fell out? It's kinda long, but full of suspense." WE LOVE A RIPPED-FROM-THE-TWITTER-THREAD LOGLINE!

    Zola and Stefani walking down the hallway of a motel

    Taylour Paige plays the titular Zola, a pole dancer and waitress who gets caught up in NONSENSE!

    Riley Keough plays Stefani (fka Jess), a stripper who convinces Zola to go on a road trip down to Florida to make money dancing and participate in good-natured "hoeing":

    Stefani standing through the sunroof of a moving car and sticking her tongue out with glee

    Colman Domingo plays X (fka Z), Stefani's roommate/pimp/handler/friend/partner-in-crime (???):

    X telling Stefani that she did a good job making money

    And then my MAN, my 6'5'' king, Nicholas Braun plays Derrek (fka Jarrett), Stefani's clueless boyfriend who sometimes hits himself:

    Derrek trippin' in the motel room

    Now, if you read the thread, then seeing this story come to life is going to be a ride-and-a-half...

    Stefani and Zola seductively licking their respective fingers

    ...but if you HAVEN'T, then buckle up, kiddo, 'cause this story's got stripping...

    Stefani taking a selfie of her and a pastie-clad Zola

    ...which leads to prostitution — something Zola did NOT sign up for...

    A screenshot of an ad advertising time with Stefani and Zola

    ...which leads to criminal activity...

    Zola handling a gun on the balcony with X

    ...which leads to Derrek maybe jumping out of a window...

    Derrek having a breakdown in the hotel suite

    ...and all that drama isn't even a DROP IN THE BUCKET to what the whole story entails.

    Be sure to catch Zola in theaters this summer for a whole lot of messy mess.

    Title card for Zola