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    Robert Pattinson Is Our New Batman And I, For One, Am Over The Moon

    I am here for R. Patz's evolution from Manbat to Batman.

    ICYMI, the people of Gotham/fans of DC have a new Batman: Mr. Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson.

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    Forget about Batman's utility belt. The only weapon R. Patz needs is that JAW LINE, amirite?

    R. Patz will star in a new Batman trilogy, which will be directed by Matt Reeves. The first of the three, The Batman, is slated to release in 2021.


    These films will follow Bruce Wayne during his "formative" years as Batman, which is why Ben Affleck will not be reprising his role in this new trilogy.

    When this news ~officially~ broke โ€” it was touch 'n' go there for a bit โ€” I, for one, was over the moon.


    Live footage of me moving uncontrollably because I couldn't/still can't contain my excitement.

    So when I hopped on social media, I was a lil' gobsmacked to find that people weren't gung-ho for Patzman as our new Batman:

    Oof Robert Pattinson as Batman, Iโ€™m not that mad but also very intrigued

    I need yall to stop hyping up Robert Pattinson as Batman. You know damn well that is a bad idea and I'm mad af people want to ruin the Wayne legacy. He is worse than Clooney #facts

    No no no no no! Horrid choice horrid choice #NOTMYBATMAN lmao ๐Ÿคฃ

    So, allow me to present to you: A Case For Robert Pattinson As Batman.

    For starters, he's already played a vampire. So he's used to the bat motif.

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    We all fell in love with Robert Pattison when he first stole the show as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga.

    While playing said vampire, he picked up some useful fighting moves.

    Summit Entertainment

    Not sure who'd win in a duel between Batman and Ed Cullen, but they both have some serious fightin' skills.

    Oh, but Batman is brooding and moody. Rob can be broody and moody!

    Summit Entertainment

    In Remember Me, Rob played Tyler Hawkins, a troubled college student who had more chips than I thought humanly possible on his shoulder.

    Yeah, but Batman is low-key a criminal who fights for the people he loves and the people of Gotham. Yup, Rob's done that too.


    In Good Time, Rob played Connie Nikas, a bank robber who goes on a gritty heist-within-a-heist to break his developmentally-disabled brother out of jail.

    What about the unmatched bond between Batman and Alfred? Well, Rob knows a thing or two about iconic duos.

    See-Saw Films

    In Life, Rob played Dennis Stock, the photographer and good friend of James Dean who was responsible for Dean's iconic casually-smoking-while-on-a-walk-in-NYC shot.

    OK, OK, but Batman, despite the brooding and the fighting, Batman is simply a man in love with a woman โ€” regardless of how unhealthy that love is. I'm telling y'all, Rob's got that covered, too!


    In Damsel, Rob played Samuel Alabaster, a man who's on a mission to save the love of his life, Penelope, only for the audience to realize that Samuel is the distress in this damsel's life.

    It all boils down to this: INTENSITY. Which Rob has in SPADES.


    In The Lighthouse, Rob played Ephraim Winslow, a lighthouse attendant who slowly goes mad.

    You want more intensity?


    Can't get more intense than this!

    Summit Entertainment

    Yes, Robert Pattinson made waves early on in his career as everyone's vampire-boyfriend. But, he's since been in over a dozen films which have, quite literally, prepared him for this new role as Bruce Wayne.

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    From Manbat to Batman, R. Patz's career truly has been a rollercoaster. Can't wait to see him soar in this new role, come 2021!

    I hope Robert Pattinson pulls a Heath Ledger in the new Batman just so he can shut all of you whiny motherfuckers up.

    โ”โ”“ โ”ƒโ”ƒโ•ฑโ•ฒ in this โ”ƒโ•ฑโ•ฑโ•ฒโ•ฒ house โ•ฑโ•ฑโ•ญโ•ฎโ•ฒโ•ฒ we โ–”โ–โ”—โ”›โ–•โ–” accept โ•ฑโ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ–”โ•ฒ Robert Pattinson as our Batman โ•ฑโ•ฑโ”โ”ณโ”“โ•ญโ•ฎโ”โ”ณโ”“ โ•ฒโ•ฒ โ–”โ–โ”—โ”ปโ”›โ”ƒโ”ƒโ”—โ”ปโ”›โ–•โ–”