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    No Biggie, Just 15 Pics Of Celeb Couples That Are 2 Cute 4 This World

    My heart. I cannot take it.


    1. Mary Steenburgen shared this post-voting selfie of her and Ted Danson. Couples who vote together, stay together:

    2. Addison Timlin shared these adorable family pics of her and Jeremy Allen White that doubled as their baby announcement. Congrats, you two!

    3. Nazanin Mandi shared these fun 'n' flirty photos of her and Miguel. Swipe left for a surprise:

    4. Kamala Harris shared this cute #TBT of her and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, for his birthday:

    5. Carolynn Shada posted these precious puppy pics of her and Julie & the Phantoms star Jeremy Shada:

    6. Kellan Lutz posted this selfie of his ~monkey woman~ Brittany Gonzales for her birthday:

    7. On the topic of Twilight, Jackson Rathbone posted this carousel of memories for his wife, Sheila Hafsadi's, birthday:

    8. Kristen Bell shared this simple selfie of her and Dax Shepard that I also want framed and placed on my mantle:

    9. Amanda Seyfried shared this pic of her and Thomas Sadoski feelin' the ~puppy love~:

    10. Alexis Denisof shared this stunning wedding pic of him and Alyson Hannigan for their 17th anniversary:

    11. Logan Lerman posted these scenic vacay pics of him and Analuisa Corrigan:

    12. Hayley Erbert posted this STUNNING ballroom picture of her and Derek Hough. This makes my heart go cha-cha-cha!

    13. Rebel Wilson posted these pics of her and her new beau, Jacob Busch, lookin' too cool for school:

    14. Mariah Linney posted this pic of her and Madison Bailey in matching sneaks, which immediately stole my heart:

    15. Last, but not least, Matthew Koma shared this pic of him and Hilary Duff that is ~what dreams are made of~:

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