Tana Mongeau Uploaded A Video Of Herself Making Hot Cheeto Chicken Tenders While Battling Bronchitis, And I...OK

    This was a lot.

    In this week's edition of videos Tana Mongeau uploaded that no one quiiiiiite asked for — yet watched anyway — Tana (while sick with bronchitis) cooked a gourmet meal for her roommates: Hot Cheeto-breaded chicken tenders.

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    The video itself was a JOURNEY — one that I'm going to bring you on.

    The video starts with Tana washing her hands — 'cause, you know, the 'chitis — before she begins prepping her meal now that she's "wifey" material.

    Initially, hopes were low at Tana's ability to pull off this dish:

    Tana began listing the ingredients she would need — both for the audience watching at home and for herself to make sure she had it all — and then got right into cookin'!

    Bronchitis break!

    Tana begins her food prep while the oven "preheats."

    Tana then starts coating the chicken, which doesn't go so well.

    ~Finishing touches~.

    Time to see if it's cooked!

    Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for...the taste test!

    The verdict is in: Not only is the chicken edible, it's good!

    End of journey! Hope you enjoyed reading and I also hope Tana's Bronchitis clears up soon!