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    Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul Got Married And I'm Just As Shocked As The Rest Of Y'all

    Here comes the bride...

    Not too long ago — about a month ago, to be exact — Tana Mongeau took to IG and Twitter to announce her engagement to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul.

    People were on the fence about whether this was real or not — present company included — but Jake and Tana have continued to stay engaged.

    And yesterday, on July 28 of the year 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got MARRIED!

    My and everyone's reaction when these two actually got hitched:

    On the morning of their wedding, Jake had the audacity — as most 'Tubers do — to post this vid on his channel titled, "we´re cancelling the wedding..."

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    BUT ALAS, it was only ~clickbait~ (aka the Gen Z version of a rickroll).

    In the video, they showcased the "Jana" mansion — which is where the wedding took place — and let everyone know that their wedding would be available to livestream for $50*.

    It was a casual affair:

    As the night went on, we finally got our first glance of Tana with her bridesmaid/BFF Ashley Schwan and, dare I say, there was a tear in my eye?

    And of course there were multiple looks — Tana made her way to the altar in dress #2!

    Finally, three hours late, the moment we'd all been waiting for finally came: the wedding itself.

    These were Jake's vows:

    "Every moment we spend together gives me chills. Your mind completes my mind. You’re my best friend."

    And Tana's vows:

    "You make things fun again for me. You make me so excited for every single day. I love you, Jake Paul, and I’m excited to marry you today."

    Sealed with a kiss:

    Is this for today? Is this for forever? Who's to say! All I can say right now is mazel tov to the happy couple!

    Someone just threw a glass of champagne at jake and I at the fucking altar holy fuck HAAHAHAHAHAHA. jana don’t need no press. wow. just married. honestly made it better.... to slow dance while they scream. i love you @jakepaul ..... hello tana paul!

    Tana Paul does have a nice ring to it...