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    "Scream Queens" Might Be Getting Rebooted And, Oh My Chanel, I'm Super Excited

    This is, quite literally, the only reboot I give a crap about.

    Ever since that fated day back in May 2017 when FOX had the AUDACITY to cancel Scream Queens, I have been looking for something to fill the void.

    BUT, have no fear, because in this era of ~toot it and reboot it™~, Scream Queens might be coming back to us!

    On his Instagram last night, Ryan Murphy posted this pic of my queen, Chanel Oberlin, AKA Chanel #1, but it's the caption that had me *gasp* out loud:

    Some of the stars of the show took to the comments to show their support of the reboot, which left me shooketh. There was Emma Roberts, who played Chanel #1:

    Also, Lea Michele, who played Hester / Chanel #6, chimed in:

    John Stamos, who played Dr. Brock Holt, came into the fold with this lil' comment.

    Celebs are even in the comments fighting for their way into the reboot. Model and YouTuber Max Emerson expressed his, ahem, desire to be in the remake, along with actress/singer Katharine McPhee:

    Kim Petras even offered up her vocal prowess to this potential endeavor:

    So, yeah, the cast wants it, the fans want it, the creator wants it. EVERYONE WANTS THIS REBOOT. SO MAKE IT HAPPEN, RYAN!