14 "Twilight" Wigs Ranked From "Dazzling Who?" To "Criminally Offensive"

    Laurent's faux dreads still haunt my dreams.

    Despite the year being 2022, I am still 100% obsessed with all things Twilight — the saga is ALMOST perfect...but everything must have one flaw, and their critical flaw was the AWFUL wigs used throughout the series.

    So here's my ranking of the truly atrocious Twilight wigs — from the bad to the WORST:

    14. The Denali sisters:

    The Denali sisters attending Bella and Edward's wedding

    13. Rosalie Hale (Twilight):

    Rosalie walking into the cafeteria

    12. Bella Swan (Eclipse):

    Bella looking up at something in the clearing

    11. Rosalie Hale (Eclipse):

    A close of up Rosalie training for battle in the woods

    10. Victoria No. 2:

    Victoria looking angrily at Edward and Bella

    9. Alice Cullen:

    Alice walking into the cafeteria for lunch

    8. Jasper Hale (Eclipse):

    Jasper looking down at his vampire family training in the woods

    7. Carlisle Cullen:

    Carlisle looking at something off to the side

    6. Jasper Hale (Twilight):

    A close up of Jasper

    5. James:

    James pressing his face up against Bella

    4. Aro:

    Aro standing in the snowy battlefield

    3. Caius:

    Caius standing in the middle of the snowy battlefield

    2. Jacob Black:

    Jacob looking down at Bella

    1. Laurent:

    Laurent talking to Bella in the clearing