17 Times "Dance Moms" Was Problematic As Heck

    I can't believe bankruptcy fraud is the ONLY reason why Abby Lee Miller served any jail time.

    Y'all, for some reason I decided to rewatch Dance Moms for the first time as a grown-ass woman and, TBH, I'm not sure why I did.

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    Actually, I do know: It's because this show is chaotic as hell, and I love mess.

    However, even though I live for the drama, I myself cannot condone some of the egregious actions from the cast.

    So, here are some of the most fucked up things to happen on Dance Moms:

    1. When Abby kicked Ava out of the dance group because she was "too tall":

    Abby making Ava stand next to Chloe

    2. When Abby had the girls dressed in aquamarine hot pants and bra tops:

    Paige getting fitted for her very inappropriate costume

    3. When Abby made Maddie — who was 11 years old at the time — kiss Gino at the end of her dance:

    4. Also, for the same dance, when Abby KISSED MADDIE ON THE MOUTH to show her how to kiss:

    Abby kissing Maddie on the mouth during dance practice

    5. When Abby had the girls do a "showgirls"-themed dance and wanted them to give the illusion of being nude:

    The dance team practicing their feather dance

    6. OH, and they were essentially nude underneath:

    Brooke and Paige dancing with their feathers

    7. When Abby made JoJo dance in a bubble...

    JoJo Siwa dancing in a bubble

    8. ...or, you know, a straightjacket:

    9. When Abby removed JoJo from the pyramid because she was too afraid to watch Carrie alone in her hotel room:

    10. When Abby said that Kalani — a white girl — was "more African" than Nia — a Black girl:

    Nia and Kalani standing in the rehearsal room

    11. When Jill made Brynn cry because she was having "a better season than Kendall (aka her daughter)":

    Brynn's mom comforting her after Jill's meltdown

    12. When Abby told Holly to fix Nia's weave because it was "horrible" and didn't blend in with the rest of the girls:

    Abby talking to Holly about Nia's hair

    13. When Abby made a Candy Apples dancer cry after telling her to get her ears fixed:

    Abby bullying a young girl

    14. When Jill tried to convince Abby to give the dance role of Rosa Parks to Kendall instead of Nia:

    Jill wanting Kendall to play Rosa Parks

    15. When Christi and Leslie got into a drunken brawl in the middle of the street in New Orleans:

    16. When Kelly pulled Abby's hair in the middle of the rehearsal room in front of the girls:

    17. Finally, when Kathy — and (pretty much) every other dance mom — made pointed barbs about Abby's weight: