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People Think Noah Centineo Looks Like Mark Ruffalo And Pete Davidson’s Baby And I Agree

Mark Ruffalo + Pete Davidson = Noah Centineo???

In case you somehow missed it, Netflix released To All The Boys I've Loved Before this weekend and everyone is pretty much obsessed with it.

Specifically, people are obsessed with Peter Kavinsky, who's played by Noah Centineo. To be that straw in Peter K.'s milkshake....

But there seems to be an argument amongst the Peter K. stans. Some say he's the spitting image of a young Mark Ruffalo...

ok but noah centineo looks SO much like a young mark ruffalo i can't be the only one that noticed this

Like, helloooo people, he said HIMSELF that his celebrity doppelgänger is M-Ruff.

mark ruffalo and noah centineo?? y'all hear sumn?? because I DO

They look so much alike that some people want to seem them in a movie together, as father and son.

I’m watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (which is AMAZING by the way) and someone really needs to cast Noah Centineo and Mark Ruffalo as a father-son combo

Like, I volunteer as tribute to play the role of Noah Centineo's love interest. Or, honestly, Mark Ruffalo's too.

Movie idea: Mark Ruffalo is a single father and his son is Noah Centineo, and they move to a new town. It’s a romcom. They both have their own love stories. Idk, maybe it’s set during autumn to really sell the cuteness.

BUT, there are others out there who think Noah and Pete Davidson could be long lost twins.

am i the only one who thinks that noah centineo kinda looks like pete davidson here

And now that you mention it.... if you squint your eyes a little....

um HI i saw this photo of @noahcent and genuinely thought it was pete davidson am i the only one seeing the resemblance https://t.co/qfV7Is51eP

And then, of course, there are those out there who believe that Noah Centineo is a magical hybrid of the two.

Noah Centineo from #ToAllTheBoysIveLovedBefore is the love child of Pete Davidson and Mark Ruffalo, you know it's true https://t.co/XynE47RuhZ

Regardless, if you're #TeamNoahMark or #TeamNoahPete, can we all just agree that Noah existing is a blessing in itself?