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    14 Netflix Shows To Binge-Watch If You're Staying In This Weekend

    Get comfy!

    1. Elite


    What it's about: Three scholarship students start attending an ~elite~ Spanish prep school, but that becomes the LEAST of their worries when one of their fellow classmates winds up murdered on campus and everyone is a suspect.

    Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Drama, Teen.

    Commitment level: Don't even THINK about checking your phone while this is on.

    Similar to: Kinda like if Big Little Lies and Gossip Girl had a sexy, Spanish baby.

    2. On My Block


    What it's about: Follow the lives of four best friends as they navigate high school, romance, gangs, and everything in between.

    Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Teen.

    Commitment level: It's casual, so you can be on Twitter, but it can get serious at times.

    Similar to: It's what I would imagine the plot of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air being if Will actually just stayed in Philly and made some friends.

    3. The Nineties


    What it's about: Everyone's favorite decade and all there is to know about it — from the music, to the history, to the fashion, to the scandals — in one miniseries.

    Genre: Documentary.

    Commitment level: Casual, except for the Monica Lewinsky episode. That whole episode...was intense.

    Similar to: Ken Burns, but more relevant.

    4. Derry Girls


    What it's about: Five teens experience high school and relationships while also dealing with the political turmoil that is early-'90s Ireland.

    Genre: Comedy, Teen.

    Commitment level: Def can scroll through Instagram while watching this, if you're so inclined.

    Similar to: Angus, Thongs, And Perfect Snogging with a dash of the original Skins...but in Ireland.

    5. Always A Witch


    What it's about: A witch travels in time to present-day Colombia in order to save her lover and escape an evil wizard.

    Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy.

    Commitment level: Moderate — your eyes don't need to be glued to the screen, but you should be actively paying attention.

    Similar to: If Charmed was one sister, not three, and was in Colombia. Or, like that short-lived Lifetime show, Witches of East End.

    6. The Final Table


    What it's about: The cooking show of all cooking shows! 24 chefs from around the world battle it out for chef dominance. But, they're also all colleagues, so it's pretty respectful, while still being cutthroat.

    Genre: Food, Competition, Reality.

    Commitment level: It's so aesthetically pleasing, you're not gonna wanna look anywhere else.

    Similar to: The intensity of Chopped + the education from Chef's Table + the pleasantness of The Great British Baking Show.

    7. Cheer Squad


    What it's about: Follow this world-renowned cheerleading team as they battle it out in cheer competitions AND the classroom.

    Genre: Documentary, Reality, Teen.

    Commitment level: It's pretty casual for the most part, but you'll be on the edge of your seat during the competitions.

    Similar to: If Bring It On took the shape of Dance Moms...minus Abby Lee Miller.

    8. Perfume


    What it's about: A singer is found murdered under very strange circumstances and the police are investigating everyone who knew her to get to the bottom of the case.

    Genre: Mystery, Suspence, Crime, Drama.

    Commitment level: High. You're not gonna get up until you get to the end.

    Similar to: Kinda like if an episode of Criminal Minds took place over an entire season.

    9. Chewing Gum


    What it's about: This late-bloomer/coming-of-age series is about young Tracy and her deep dive into the world of sex and relationships with the help of her friends from her small, London community.

    Genre: Comedy, Romance, Satire.

    Commitment level: Casual, but it's also so funny, so you're not gonna pay attention to anything else.

    Similar to: The Office (British version) meets Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...but more diverse.

    10. Evil Genius


    What it's about: The somehow very true case about Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, the woman behind the infamous "collar bomb murder." This shit is...wild.

    Genre: True Crime, Documentary, Mystery.

    Commitment level: High. YOU GOTTA FIND OUT THE MOTIVE!

    Similar to: Making A Murderer, The Ted Bundy Tapes, Abducted In Plain Sight, The Jinx, etc. If you have a MODICUM of interest in true crime docs, then this is the one for you.

    11. The Fall


    What it's about: This creepy crime show is told from the perspectives of an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer and, you guessed it, the serial killer himself.

    Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspence, Thriller.

    Commitment level: High. This show is addicting.

    Similar to: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit if you saw it from the perpetrator's perspective as well.

    12. The Innocents


    What it's about: Teen lovers June and Harry run away to be together, but that's NOTHING compared to the powers June begins to display, powers that neither of them can understand.

    Genre: Mystery, Drama, Romance, Teen, Cerebral.

    Commitment level: High...? This show is in a league of its own, so you really gotta pay attention to figure out what the fuck is ever going on.

    Similar to: Nothing much, TBH. Kinda like Romeo & Juliet, but with the tone of The OA with a dash of...polyjuice potion? It'll make sense once you watch.

    13. The Order


    What it's about: A young man on a revenge quest gets caught up in a war between werewolves and dark magic-practicing wizards.

    Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery.

    Commitment level: Moderate. It's intense, but also kinda like a CW show, so it won't be the end of the world if you miss something here and there.

    Similar to: The Magicians, if it were a tad less angsty.

    14. Re:Mind


    What it's about: A group of high school girls wake up in a strange room, chained to a dinner table, where they're tortured as they try to figure out how and why they ended up there in the first place.

    Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery, Drama, Teen.

    Commitment level: High. Good luck trying to stop before it's over.

    Similar to: It's like Saw, if it were set in high school.

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