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23 Movies That Had Great Potential But Ultimately, Didn't Hold Up

Two words: Sucker Punch

We all know the feeling of starting and movie and having some HIGH HOPES!


But, as much as we love that feeling, we also know all to well what it feels like to start what you THOUGHT was going to be a great film, only for it to go up in flames with its awful ending.

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Well, today in the Redditverse, user runchanlfc asked "What 'potentially great' movie had the worst ending?" These responses will have you nodding your head in agreement.


Here are some of the best responses:

1. Hancock

Columbia Pictures

"The first 2/3 of Hancock was really good then it just all when to shit in the final act."


2. Looper

TriStar Pictures

"It had a cool concept. I thought it was an interesting take on time travel. But the ending was dumb. It changed how time travel works. Either the future changes as soon as you do something different or the future is already how it will be considering that what you are doing now is already done. You can't have both. Yet that's what they do."


3. Monty Python & the Holy Grail

Cinema 5

"It had such a cop-out ending."


4. Interstellar

Warner Bros.

"So much potential wasted on 'love connecting us through the universe.' WHAT?!? No. It was hard sci-fi up to that point and they wasted it on that? I love Nolan, but that movie went from 10/10 to 7/10 in fifteen minutes."


5. The Percy Jackson series

20th Century Fox

"They were shit, but could've been great if Rick Riordan actually had a hand in them."


6. Lucy


"Big potential, but was ruined by the ending."


7. Law Abiding Citizen

Overture Films

"Gerard Butler was excellent in that movie. It could have been one of the greatest movies ever, in my opinion, if he were to get revenge on everyone that did him and his family wrong in the end. I’m looking at you, Jamie Foxx."


8. Funny People

Universal Pictures

"I felt like this could have been Apatow's Annie Hall or Manhattan. I like the guy, but I feel like he maybe needs less 'yes' people around him. He didn't directly edit it, but as producer, writer, and director, I'd imagine he had a lot of sway in what ended up in the film. It felt like two movies, and there's one really, really good movie in there if it had been pared back a bit."


9. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Walt Disney Studios

"So much mystery and character potential from The Force Awakens was all thrown out the door in The Last Jedi."


10. Blazing Saddles

Warner Bros.

"Great movie. Groundbreaking for its time. The last few minutes though, when the final battle breaks out of the production lot and starts spilling into other movie sets — it's like Mel Brooks got to the end of the film and ran out of ideas."


11. Sucker Punch

Warner Bros.

"I was OK with the whole crazy scheme, it was silly and fun. But the ending just took all the fun out of the movie. I wish they went with an angle of 'and then the crazy fuckers used the skills they trained for in their imaginations to escape and live happily ever after'."


12. Signs

Buena Vista Pictures

"The ending was absolute bullshit."


13. Jumper

20th Century Fox

"I just remember...being really disappointed by the ending."


14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Warner Bros.

"I was unhappy with how the final Harry Potter film ended. While I understand that the films can't be exactly like the books, I felt that the final duel between Harry and Voldemort should have been something more than just the two of them in the courtyard. That would have been amazing."


15. Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children

Twentieth Century Fox

"I'm still way too pissed about this. The books were so good and so chillingly creepy and interesting. And then the movie threw all of that away in favor of some weird living skeletons fighting knock off X-Men-esque characters over some weird dub-step type music. And it was directed by Tim Burton! It had so much potential to be the creepy adventure story it should be."


16. 9

Focus Features

"Such a fantastic concept and so excellently executed. But the ending just left me thinking, 'What the fuck is this Disney shit?'"


17. Minority Report

20th Century Fox

"It could have been the perfect movie, but its plot is too complicated and ended up ruining the entire thing."


18. Wonder Woman

Warner Bros.

"I absolutely loved the movie and then the Ares-reveal happened and I just sank back and didn't care."


19. Baby Driver


"The direction and the editing were both amazing! But near the end, it became a boring action movie. Oh, wow, Baby has a gun and is killing bad guys now, that's... fine. It just goes completely against what his character has been throughout the movie!"


20. War of the Worlds

Paramount Pictures

"It was a solid movie right up until the ending which made zero fucking sense."


21. The Lego Movie

Warner Bros.

"The ending took me right out of the funny, cartoony world that was built for us, which I thought that was dumb."


22. The Cabin in the Woods


"Good plot, horrible ending."


23. Finally, Little Women

Columbia Pictures

Amazing movie UP UNTIL Winona Ryder rejects Christian Bale and then Christian Bale goes off and marries Winona's sister, played by Kirsten Dunst. It made no sense that he'd marry her, especially since he saw her as a little sister for the first 3/4 of the movie.

—Ehis Osifo/via BuzzFeed