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    28 Times Hollywood Casted The Perfect Set Of Actors To Play Family Members

    Like, I can't believe some of these people aren't ACTUALLY related.

    1. Amy Adams and Eliza Scanlen as Camile Preaker and Amma Crellin in Sharp Objects:

    2. Alexis Bledel and Lucy Hale as Lena and Effie Kaligaris in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2:

    3. Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in Gilmore Girls:

    Lorelai and Rory sitting on the couch with bewildered looks on their faces in "Gilmore Girls."

    4. Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce as Frasier and Niles Crane in Frasier:

    Niles and Frasier with surprised looks on their faces in "Frasier."

    5. Sasha Alexander and Sharon Lawrence as Dr. Maura Isles and Hope Martin in Rizzoli & Isles:

    Dr. Isles and Hope looking at a computer screen in "Rizzoli & Isles."

    6. Mark Feueurstein and Paul Constanzo as Hank and Evan Lawson in Royal Pains:

    Evan and Hank looking up at the sun in "Royal Pains."

    7. Patrick Dempsey and Caterina Scorsone as Derek and Amelia Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy:

    Derek and Amelia prepping for surgery in "Grey's Anatomy."

    8. Ben Schwartz and Jenny Slate as Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa Saperstien in Parks & Recreation:

    Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa sitting in Ron's office in matching denim outfits in "Parks & Rec."

    9. Maia Mitchell and Bailee Madison as Callie Foster and Sophia Quinn on The Fosters:

    Callie and Sophie cuddled next to one another, cheek-to-cheek, in "The Fosters."

    10. Carey Mulligan and Jena Malone as Kitty and Lydia Bennett in Pride & Prejudice:

    Kitty tightening Lydia's corset in "Pride & Prejudice."

    11. llana Glazer and Susie Essman as Ilana Wexler and Bobbi Wexler in Broad City:

    Ilana standing next to Bobbi with her arm over her shoulders in "Broad City."

    12. Chelse Swain, Leslie Hayman, Kirsten Dunst, and A.J. Cook as Bonnie, Therese, Lux, and Mary Lisbon in The Virgin Suicides:

    The Lisbon sisters, linked arm-in-arm, around a tree in "The Virgin Suicides."

    13. Lea Michele and Idina Menzel as Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran in Glee:

    Rachel and Shelby singing side-by-side in "Glee."

    14. Freya Allan and Gaia Mondadori as Ciri and Pavetta in The Witcher:

    15. Daniel Gillies and Nate Buzolic as Elijah and Kol Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals:

    16. Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom as Hector and Paris in Troy:

    Hector and Paris looking out into the open waters in "Troy."

    17. Tony Shalhoub and Stanley Tucci as Primo and Secondo in Big Night:

    Secondo and Primo looking down at a food dish in "Big Night."

    18. Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes in Enola Holmes:

    Sherlock and Mycroft looking down at Enola as she arrives at the train station in "Enola Holmes."

    19. Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart as Meg and Sarah Altman in Panic Room:

    Meg and Sarah looking up at their mysterious captor in "Panic Room."

    20. Nia Vardalos and Lainie Kazan as Toula and Maria Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding:

    Toula and Maria looking at something offscreen with shocked expressions on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

    21. Kelly Rutherford and Caroline Lagerfelt as Lily van der Woodsen and CeCe Rhodes in Gossip Girl:

    Lily and CeCe welcoming guests to their party on "Gossip Girl."

    22. Connor Swindells and Alistair Petrie as Adam and Mr. Groff in Sex Education:

    23. Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Tim and Randy Taylor in Home Improvement:

    24. Tichina Arnold and Imani Hakim as Rochelle and Tonya in Everybody Hates Chris:

    25. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Poorna Jagannathan as Devi and Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar in Never Have I Ever:

    Devi and Nalini greeting their priest on "Never Have I Ever."

    26. Chris Messina and Max Minghella as Danny and Richie Castellano in The Mindy Project:

    Danny introducing his brother, Richie, to his coworkers on "The Mindy Project."

    27. Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne as Dre and Earl Johnson in Black-ish:

    28. Lastly, Natalie Dormer and Diana Rigg as Margaery and Olenna Tyrell in Game of Thrones:

    Margaery and Olenna sitting at the dinner table in "Game of Thrones."