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26 Celebrities That Earned Anna Wintour's Approval For Following The Met Gala Theme

All that glitters IS gold!

Tonight is the Met Gala! The theme? In America: An Anthology of Fashion. The dress code? White tie and gilded glamour — a nod to the Gilded Age (the late-19th century) that was a time of grandeur, industrialization, and turn-of-the-century prosperity.

Some celebrities got the memo and dressed accordingly. So, here are some of the best looks from the beige-and-burgundy carpet:

1. Blake Lively's Statue of Liberty/patina'd copper gown:

Blake Lively looking down and smiling in the dress
Blake Lively on the red carpet
Blake Lively showing the color change of the dress

2. Alicia Keys' "concrete jungles where dreams are made of" dress:

Alicia Keys on the red carpet
Alicia Keys smiles and wears a dress that has a city skyline on its train

3. Sarah Jessica Parker's feather-and-plaid moment:

Sarah Jessica Parker smiles and wears a feathery hat and plaid gown
Sarah Jessica Parker posing on the red carpet

4. Chloë Grace Moretz's 19th-century military-inspired jacket:

Chloe Grace Moretz wearing the sequined jacket
Chloe Grace Moretz on the red carpet

5. Janelle Monáe's diamond headpiece and gown:

A closeup of Janelle Monae wearing the headpiece and gown
Janelle Monae raises her hand up

6. Nicola Coughlan's Feather(ington) pink and black gown:

Nicola Coughlan waves on the red carpet
Nicola Coughlan poses on the red carpet

7. Billie Eilish's corseted dress and accompanying bustle:

A closeup of the corseted dress
Billie Eilish posing on the red carpet

8. Jodie Turner-Smith's dress that's dripping with diamonds:

Jodie Turner-Smith poses on the red carpet as photographers take pictures
Jodie Turner-Smith wearing the diamond gown with a long train

9. Cynthia Erivo's Western African inspired headdress and gown:

A closeup of Cynthia Erivo in the headdress
Cynthia Erivo poses with her hands on her hips

10. Anderson .Paak's floral embroidered jacket:

Anderson Paak smiles and wears sunglasses and an embroidered jacket
Anderson Paak poses on the red carpet

11. Tessa Thompson's larger-than-life pink gown:

A closeup of Tessa Thompson in the gown
Tessa Thompson in the gown standing on the red carpet as paparazzi look on

12. Chloe Bailey's voluptuous gold gown:

Chloe Bailey in an asymmetrical dress
A full body shot of Chloe Bailey in the asymmetrical dress on the red carpet

13. Laura Harrier's 19th-century-inspired black and silver gown:

Laura Harrier posing on the red carpet
Laura Harrier posing on the red carpet in the 19th-century-inspired gown

14. Megan Thee Stallion's gold-dipped feather dress:

Megan Thee Stallion wearing the gold-dipped feather dress
Megan Thee Stallion looking serious and posing in the dress

15. Lizzo's black and gold embroidered overcoat (and matching flute!!!):

Lizzo wearing the dress and playing a gold flute
Lizzo smiling on the red carpet

16. Amber Valletta's architectural art deco dress:

A closeup of Amber Valletta wearing the gold dress
Amber Valletta posing with her hand on her hip

17. Naomi Campbell's jewel-appliquéd gown:

Naomi Campbell wearing a jeweled gown and matching face jewelry
A full body shot of Naomi Campbell on the red carpet

18. Anitta's navy gown with pearl attachments:

Anitta posing in the pearl-adorned, off the shoulder dress
Anitta posing on the red carpet

19. Jessica Chastain's ruby red sequins gown and matching headpiece:

Jessica Chastain smiling on the red carpet
Jessica Chastain posing in her ruby red sequined gown

20. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's tuxedo with tails and flower appliqué:

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II smiling on the red carpet
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II posing on the red carpet

21. Gabrielle Union's homage to Diahann Carroll:

Gabrielle Union posing on the red carpet
Gabrielle Union wearing a gown with a long train

22. Kid Cudi's head-to-toe blue ensemble:

Kid Cudi smiling and wearing a bright blue tux and cape
Kid Cudi on the red carpet showing off the floral design on the inside of the cape

23. Cara Delevingne's LITERALLY dipped-in-gold body and red pants:

Cara Delevingne posing with gold painted skin
Cara Delevingne posing on the red carpet

24. Kendall Jenner's black ballgown:

Kendall Jenner wearing a dress with a see-through top and poofy bottom
A full body shot of Kendall Jenner in the gown

25. Kim Kardashian's borrowed Marilyn Monroe dress:

A closeup of Kim K in the Marilyn Monroe dress
Kim K posing on the red carpet and smiling

26. Last, but not least, Cardi B's golden moment:

Cardi B in an all gold gown with matching gold gloves and jewelry
A full body shot of Cardi B in the dress on the red carpet

Which look was your fave? Let us know in the comments below!