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Meghan Trainor And Daryl Sabara Took Our Relationship Quiz And Now We Know All About *That* Sex Store Trip

How well does the pop star know her former Spy Kid husband?

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With the recent release of her latest single "Wave," we had Meghan Trainor stop by BuzzFeed with her real-life husband, Daryl Sabara, as the latest famous couple to put their love to the test with our relationship quiz.

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So how well does the famous pop star *actually* know her former Spy Kid husband? Watch the video below to find out!

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Wanna see how your relationship stacks up against Meghan and Daryl's? Take the same relationship test with YOUR significant other below and compare your results with the pair!

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• Check off each of the details you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you know about your significant other. At the end, you'll get a score out of 25.

• Share your score with your partner and whoever has the highest score wins! If there's a tie, congratulations to you both.

• Feel free to challenge your significant other on the details they claim to know about you!

  1. Check off every detail you know about your significant other:

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Make sure to give Meghan's latest single "Wave" a listen, available now!

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