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    Max Greenfield Read The Internet's Thirstiest Tweets And It Was...Shockingly Wholesome

    "I play the white boy of the year on The Neighborhood."

    This snacceroni is one Max Greenfield, who you may recognize from a slew of sitcoms and dramas he's acted in over the years:

    Well, y'all kept asking...and asking...and ASKING for Max to read thirst tweets, especially after his onscreen/IRL BFF Jake Johnson read his, so I am here to tell you that today is the day.


    Y'all are most welcome:

    View this video on YouTube

    After watching this video — don't ask me how many times — I think it's finally time we all acknowledge that Max has been thirst-worthy for quite some time now. Don't believe me? Allow me to provide the Carfax™:

    Young Sandy Cohen from The O.C. — an amuse-bouche:

    Young Sandy talking to young Kirsten on the quad on The OC

    Leo D'Amato from Veronica Mars — an hors d'oeuvre:

    Leo in his deputy uniform on Veronica Mars

    Gabriel from American Horror Story: Hotel — a snacc:

    Gabriel walking down the hotel hallway in AHS: Hotel

    And last but not least, Schmidt from New Girl — a whole entree:


    In case this wasn't enough Max content, you're in luck, because you can catch him in The Neighborhood, Mondays on CBS.