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21 Gifts To Get Anyone Who's Down For The Culture

Forget about the season of giving, I'm keepin' all these for myself.

1. This matching head wrap and choker set to keep any lady in your life looking fly AF.

2. This shirt for the black girl who can't help but like the show Friends.

3. This extremely pigmented eyeshadow palette for any and all beauty gurus.

4. This shirt that lists everything important in a girl's life.

5. This hand-embroidered tote bag for anyone who not only ~slays~ but is also eco-friendly.

6. This shimmery glow powder for anyone who's trying to shine bright like a diamond.

7. This delicious smelling body scrub and body butter for anyone obsessed with skincare.

8. This zesty candle that'll put anyone at ease after the long ass day at work they had.

9. This pin for all the Issa Rae fans in your life.

10. These out-to-there lashes for any queen who wants to add a little flair to her makeup routine.

11. This black-novel based subscription box for all the bookworms you know.

12. This bubble bath tea will help anyone in your life sooth their minds and bodies after a stressful day.

13. This wall art to give to anyone who's trying to bring the '90s back (as they should be!)

14. This inspirational book to give any inspirational woman in your life.

15. This nail polish to give to anyone whose nail game remains on point.

16. This bowtie for anyone who wants to channel their inner Janelle Monáe.

17. This laptop cover for anyone who wants to keep their tech lookin' afro-chic.

18. These beautiful pillows to give anyone who's trying to keep their home decor black and proud.

19. This complete DVD set of Girlfriends, 'cause it isn't avail to stream ANYWHERE and every black girl needs it in her collection.

20. This Kente cloth backpack so that they can always ~travel in style~.

21. And, finally, this T-shirt, in case anyone should need a reminder.