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    Y'all, KJ Apa From "Riverdale" Revealed That He Wants Betty To End Up With Archie And I Am Gobsmacked

    I'm glad someone said it!

    Ask and you shall recieve! The very talented and utterly handsome KJ Apa stopped by to answer your fan questions while playing with PUPPIES!

    So, if you want to swoon for five minutes and two seconds, then boy, do I have the video for YOU:

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    "LOOK AT THAT FACE!" —Me, about the puppy and KJ.

    While chatting about this indie show you may have heard of called Riverdale, KJ revealed this tidbit to us about Betty and Archie that polarized the ENTIRE room:

    Now, #Bughead shippers, before you get your beanies in a twist, KJ said that he did really like Betty and Jughead together for the time being...

    ...but, KJ (and I!) are hoping that at the end of this journey we call the RCU (Riverdale Cinematic Universe), Archie and Betty will be together.

    Be sure to catch KJ Apa on Riverdale, airing Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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