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    People Think Justice Smith Is Will Smith's Son And He's Here To Squash That Rumor

    "Like what, he's not my dad?"

    To celebrate the release of Netflix's latest teen flick, All the Bright Places, we had the stars of the film — Justice Smith and Elle Fanning — stop by to talk about their ~firsts~.

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    So, if you're curious about what Justice Smith is pointing at, then watch the video below:

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    In the aforementioned video, when Elle and Justice were asked about the first incorrect rumor they read about themselves, Justice took this moment to make this harrowing confession:

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    *Record scratch*


    People really thought that this man...

    ...was the son of this man??

    Justice Smith to Will Smith:


    Aside from the fact that Will Smith LOVES posting pics of his entire family — and Justice hasn't appeared in one of those — it seems like a quick google search would answer this question.

    Justice even had to post this PSA on his Twitter account to spread the word!

    Someone went so far as to make a video essay about their suspicions! Like, who has the time?

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    Well, joke's on THAT guy, because Justice got hired on his TALENT!


    And you can SEE said talent of his — and Elle Fanning's! — in All the Bright Places, now streaming on Netflix.