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    People Are Sharing Their Irrational Fears That Are Both Outrageous And Make 100% Sense

    OK, now I'm officially afraid of EVERYTHING.

    Fears. We all got 'em. The more irrational they are, the more they keep us up at night.


    This week in the Twitterverse, Kendra Leigh asked her followers, "What is the weirdest thing you guys are irrationally TERRIFIED of?" And the responses will have you both laughing and feeling like you're not the only one.

    What is the weirdest thing you guys are irrationally TERRIFIED of mine are forgetting how to swallow and whales pls respond im very lonely

    1. Fear of planes:

    wait i have another one: sitting in the emergency exit row on an airplane and the door flinging open mid flight


    2. Fear of brushing one's teeth:

    @kendraaaleighh waking up and going to brush my teeth but being to groggy and accidentally grabbing the razor instead of the tooth brush

    3. Fear of mirrors:

    @kendraaaleighh brushing my teeth and i look up into the mirror and there is someone standing behind me, i think i watch too much criminal minds tbh

    4. Fear of forgetting how to breathe:

    @kendraaaleighh Sometimes I like forget how to breathe? Like the rhythm is off and I'm like man I'll never be able to get back on track

    5. Fear of sleeping:

    @kendraaaleighh sometimes when i’m falling asleep, i start thinking about how weird the process of sleep is, like how we are aware and slowly we fall asleep and then suddenly we’re asleep and don’t have control ?! so i can’t let myself think about it bc otherwise i will never sleep

    6. Fear of sleep positions:

    @kendraaaleighh I can’t sleep with my arms above my head because I’m afraid someone will come in my room at night & stab me in the armpits

    7. Fear of nail files:

    @kendraaaleighh I can't stand nail files. I can't even look at one. If I see one I just imagine how it would feel if I used it to file my teeth and my whole body just shakes at the thought

    8. Fear of leaving parties:

    @kendraaaleighh I go to a party and after I leave everyone talks about how annoying I was and they bond over a mutual hatred of me

    9. Fear of wetting the bed:

    @kendraaaleighh One time I got super high and had to pee and convinced myself I’m in a dream and if I pee I’m actually wetting the bed. To this day if I’m fucked up enough in any sense of the word, I am afraid to pee

    10. Fear of driving up a hill:

    @kendraaaleighh Me while driving: the hill coming up on the road is secretly a cliff and I’m gonna fall off the edge when I drive over it

    11. Fear of eye drops:

    @kendraaaleighh Omg I was just thinking of this earlier. Accidentally putting crazy glue in my eye instead of eye drops

    12. Fear of surviving:

    @kendraaaleighh Being the only survivor in an apocalypse (I dangerously overestimate my survival skills)

    13. Fear of not being able to communicate:

    @kendraaaleighh Waking up and everyone is suddenly speaking a different language than me and I can’t communicate with them and they can’t communicate with me in any way

    14. Fear of getting murdered in a weird way:

    @kendraaaleighh Flipping channels as a kid, I once saw someone get murdered on this very dramatic-looking show thru injection of a completely empty syringe. Because air bubbles in your bloodstream will apparently kill you. So that’s my weird fear. That someone will air bubble murder me.

    15. Fear of windows:

    @kendraaaleighh When I was younger I was on the bus to school and I stuck my head out the window. One of the older kids told me I shouldn't do that because a cigarette was gonna fly into my mouth and I'd choke to death... To this day I still think about that

    16. Fear of hair:

    @kendraaaleighh Loose wet strands of long hair touching me

    17. Fear of open spaces:

    @kendraaaleighh for some fuckin reason when I’m in a very open area outside I have this feeling that a sniper is camped somewhere far out there and is aiming right at my head

    18. Fear of bees:

    @kendraaaleighh Turning on the shower and instead of water it's THOUSANDS OF BEES

    19. Fear of being framed:

    @kendraaaleighh being so perfectly framed for a crime I didn’t commit to the point where no one believes I’m innocent and I’m found guilty and go to jail 🤤

    20. Fear of porta-potties:

    @kendraaaleighh Being in a porta-pottie and it gets tipped over

    21. Fear of existing:

    @kendraaaleighh That I made up this world in my head as a coping mechanism and my body is off lying in a field somewhere and this is why I feel so connected with the emotions around me because everyone is me and I am everything

    22. Fear of fans:

    @kendraaaleighh Fans when they’re on the highest setting. If they just come loose and slice me to pieces. Also when they’re on high, they kinda do that weird swinging side to side

    23. Fear of rollercoasters:

    @kendraaaleighh Going on a rollercoaster and the workers not buckling you fast enough and then you fall out

    24. And, finally, this fear about Shrek:

    @kendraaaleighh Always worried that I’m gonna wake up and Shrek was never a movie I just made it up in my head...

    So what are your #IrrationalYetRational fears? Let us know in the comments below!