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    I Tried Jules' Makeup Looks From "Euphoria" For A Week

    So many makeup wipes.

    Hello, world. My name is Ehis and there are three things I love most in this world: makeup, affordable goods, and Euphoria.

    Now, even though Euphoria has been over for a week, it's STILL been on my mind. Specifically? THE MAKEUP.

    So, when I found out that the makeup artist of Euphoria, Donna Doni, used ColourPop products on set, I immediately wanted to try these looks for myself.

    As amazing as all the makeup looks are on the show, I decided to replicate seven of Jules' most iconic looks and document my week long journey:

    Day 1: "Head In The Clouds"

    Products used:

    Day 2: "Welcome To Flavor Town"

    Products used*:

    Day 3: "Glitter Bomb!"

    Products used:

    Day 4: "Geek in the Pink"

    Products used:

    Day 5: "Watermelon Wonderland"

    Products used:

    Day 6: "Line in the Sand"

    Product used:

    Day 7: "A Rose By Any Other Name"

    Products used: