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    A Twitter User Spotted A Modern-Day Error In "Bridgerton," And All I Can Think Is "Oopsie-Daisy"

    Dearest reader...

    Bridgerton has taken the world — and my loins — by storm. Millions of people have watched and rewatched this series even though it only came out a month ago.

    When one rewatches a program, they tend to notice things they didn't notice on the first or fifth watch. Well, this Twitter user noticed a lil' modern-day error in the pilot:

    Oh dear, modern yellow no parking lines on the street in the tv drama 'Bridgerton'. I've worked on a few films/tv shows as historical consultant and art department, I remember our lot painting over modern white lines on a street or covering the whole street with earth ;)

    Twitter: @fakehistoryhunt

    I immediately was like, WHAAAA??? So, naturally, I had to go back and find this line and, lo and behold, there she was!

    The ton entering the queen's palace

    I was curious about the origins of street lines, so I ~asked Jeeves~ and found out that these first appeared in the 1950s!

    American yellow lines on street

    Seeing as how Bridgerton takes place in 1813, I think it's safe to assume that this was a lil' mishap.

    Queen Charlotte looking at the latest scandal sheet

    All I know is, with a show this intricately designed, I'm not one to judge if someone perchance made an anachronism.