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I'm Dying At These Erewhon Memes Because I, Too, Spend $12 On Their Strawberries

"If you see me selling feet pics, it's to afford Erehwon."

If you like headass things and groceries, then you must LOVE Erewhon.

In case you're never heard of Erewhon — an anagram for "nowhere" — it's a boutique grocery market based in Los Angeles where you can get artisanal waters, overpriced berries, and celebrities buying the kale salad:

So, please enjoy these hilarious jokes about everyone's fave grocery store that has $$$$ on Google search:


“If Whole Foods is first class, Erewhon is a private jet.”

Twitter: @realoverheardla


Erewhon prices make Whole Foods look like Walmart.

Twitter: @LinzDeFranco


Twitter: @paultao


How many geometric tattoos do I need before they let me into Erewhon?

Twitter: @colesprouse


Twitter: @LosFelizDaycare / Joel C Ryan / Invision / AP / Shutterstock


we really owe pam anderson an apology because her looks were considered so scandalous in the 90s and now they're just what bella hadid wears to erewhon

Twitter: @kirkpate / Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images, Evan Agostini / Liaison / Getty Images


I’m excited to see Meghan and Harry at Erewhon

Twitter: @ecareyo


This is like $75 worth of stuff at Erewhon Market! https://t.co/IkPWdPrf83

Twitter: @americanamemes


Paid $11 for strawberries in Erewhon (my fault for being there tbh) but if these are not the most strawberry-ing m’fing strawberries! Listen. Never again will I consume broke berries. If u see me selling feet pics this is why.

Twitter: @camillard


i love that erewhon is named that because its "nowhere" backwards. because its also not. and that sort of push/pull is what the store is all about

Twitter: @DylanGelula


LAX Terminal 6: “We are now boarding all passengers in boarding group E as in ‘Erewhon.’”

Twitter: @realoverheardla


i just out loud said erewhon is my love language i need to move out of la

Twitter: @alexander23


I have spent more on juice at Erewhon than Trump has paid in taxes.

Twitter: @benleemusic


First rule of Erewhon: Bra or shirt, never both.

Twitter: @donetodeath


Heading to Erewhon... https://t.co/1e8YUAvDCH

Twitter: @JoshMalina

16. In conclusion:

check out at erewhon with a single banana: your total is $46.73 check out at trader Joe’s with enough food to eat for a week and 9 bouquets of sunflowers: that’ll be $3.12, also would u like parking validation?

Twitter: @itsmarkjohns