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    The Trailer For The "High School Musical" TV Series Is Finally Here And We're In Store For A Good Time

    "I basically have zero chill about this right now."

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    The wait is OVER! The trailer for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series HAS ARRIVED!

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    Now in case you're like, "Wha? That's a mouthful!" Allow me to break it down for you, hmm?


    The mockumentary follows Miss Jenn and the students of East High School as they put on a production of High School Musical — yes, the one with Zac Efron.

    Craig Sjodin / Disney+

    Miss Jenn was "shocked, inspired, and triggered as a millennial" to find out that the high school where High School Musical was shot has never put on a production of High School Musical. Wild, I know. So she decides that this is the time to put it on — it's either now or never.

    The kids of EHS may THINK this is just gonna be a regular ol' production, but it rarely ever is when teenagers and their feelings get involved.

    Natalie Cass / Disney+

    Teens + song and dance RARELY makes for smooth and calm content.

    The main conflict of the series seems to revolve around our Troy and Gabriella, played by Ricky and Nini.

    Fred Hayes / Disney+

    Ricky and Nini used to date, but Ricky needed to "take a pause," which resulted in the end of their relationship. Now that Nini has moved on to E.J., the only way Ricky knows how to get her back is to audition for Troy in The Musical since Nini is dead set on playing Gabriella. So, when Ricky and Nini get cast as the leads, this causes a LOT of teen-related drama, drama that I quite literally live for.

    Be sure to tune into Disney+ on Nov. 12 to catch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.


    Boy, do I love the ~start of something new~.

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