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    17 Times When Black Characters In Movie And TV Were Simply Happy

    For anyone who needs a little positivity.

    This weekend was hard. I'm not going to sugarcoat it because, to be honest, I'm still processing. But what I can do is provide you with some images and moments of black joy to help combat some of the lesser pleasant images you may have seen this weekend. Please enjoy and stay safe:

    1. In Bring It On, when Isis and the East Compton Clovers raise the money ON THEIR OWN to get to nationals and then WIN:

    Universal Pictures

    Their routine was friggin' sick.

    2. In One Tree Hill, when Skills finds out that he got a scholarship and is able to go to college:

    The CW

    I loved this moments because this was TRULY Skills' time to shine.

    3. In Grey's Anatomy, when Richard and Adele dance to "My Funny Valentine":


    I understand that this moment comes in the wake of Adele's death, but Richard remembering their wedding night and dancing to their song will forever be a warm moment in my heart.

    4. In Black Panther, when T'Challa brings Shuri to California to show her the future location of the outreach center, which he wants her to run:

    Marvel Studios

    It was hard to choose a SINGLE moment between T'Challa and Shuri to highlight, but this was is too good not to include.

    5. In Criminal Minds, when Morgan welcomes his sweet baby boy into the world:


    After ALL THE SHIT Morgan and Savannah have been through, I was over the moon when Hank Morgan entered the world happy and healthy.

    6. In Center Stage, when Eva dances the lead in Jonathan's ballet β€” there wasn't a dry eye in the house:

    Columbia Pictures

    The only moment I liked Maureen in the film is when she realized that Eva deserved the lead in Jonathan's ballet.

    7. In The West Wing, when Charlie gets into Georgetown Law β€” especially after all it took for him to get to where he is:


    Charlie has been THROUGH it. I'm only sad that Charlie isn't a real-life person who could put his law degree and kind spirit to good use!

    8. In This Is Us, when Tess and Annie welcome Deja into their home β€” and sisterhood β€” with open arms:


    I'm not crying, you're crying!

    9. In Sex Education, when Eric shows up to the school dance in full drag and looking fabulous:


    When I tell you my Nigerian ass YELPED with joy.

    10. In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, when Miles finally takes the leap of faith and comes to terms with his powers:

    Sony/Marvel Studios

    This moment will stick with me for the rest of my life.

    11. In The Bold Type, when Kat came out as bisexual and felt comfortable doing so:


    Look at that smile! I love watching Kat grow into her skin and learn to accept herself.

    12. In Creed II, when Donnie finds out that Bianca is pregnant with their child:

    MGM / Annapurna Pictures

    These humans are too pretty not to reproduce. And when they brought their baby girl to meet Donnie's dad β€” Apollo Creed β€” at his tombstone, I just about lost it.

    13. In The Princess & The Frog, when Tiana finally opens up her restaurant with Prince Naveen:

    Walt Disney Studios

    I wish Tiana's restaurant was a real place.

    14. In Akeelah and the Bee, when Akeelah wins the National Spelling Bee in a perfect, bookend moment:



    15. In Love & Basketball, when Q is cheering Monica on from the sidelines with their child:

    New Line Cinema

    Q supporting Monica's basketball dreams β€” even though his ended β€” with a SMILE on his face is almost too much to handle.

    16. In Glee, when Rachel gave Mercedes the much-coveted closing number during the Night of Negelct:


    Mercedes, quite literally, brought down the house.

    17. Finally, in Master of None, when Denise's mother comes to terms with her daughter's sexuality and welcomes her girlfriend into the family with open arms:


    This is, without a doubt, one of the best episodes of television...ever.

    What are some of your favorite moments of black characters #thriving? Let us know in the comments below!

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