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    People Are Sharing Their Experiences With The Nicest Famous People They've Ever Met And My Heart Is Melting

    I wish Jason Momoa would compliment MY Dothraki.

    Just a disclaimer, these stories are not verified, but that doesn't make them any less enjoyable.

    Sure, sometimes we treat celebrities like they are gods and put them on pedestals, but at the end of the day, celebrities are humans just like us.


    However, that doesn't mean that if you met a famous person out in the wild, it wouldn't make your day. Especially if they were nice.


    Well recently, Reddit user Kdial2002 asked "Who is the nicest celebrity you have met?" Lemme tell ya, these stories are gonna be the purest thing you'll read today.


    Here are some of the best responses that'll make you remember that celebrities are people too:

    1. Colin Firth


    "I saw him sitting in a café with his son. I waited until they got up to leave before I went and asked if I could get an autograph for my mom (who’s a huge fan). He asked me a few questions about her and wrote a quite nice autograph for her. He asked if I wanted one as well and I told him that meeting him was more than enough.

    I had told Colin where my mom worked and he went in the next day and made a point to stop and chat with her. Truly a class act."


    2. Mr. Rogers

    Focus Features

    "I was lucky enough to spend six hours sitting next to the man on an airplane. I was 7 and it was the highlight of my life. We ate lunch, which I accidentally spilled on him. I thought I had ruined everything, but he just smiled and gave me his dessert."


    3. Jason Momoa


    "I met him at a convention during a photo op. I guess I looked scared cause he asked if I was nervous. I stuttered out yes, and he put his arm around me for the photo and laughed 'cause I tensed up. Later, when I got him to sign my bag, he said, 'Moon of my life' in Dothraki to me and I responded back with, 'My sun and stars.' He said my Dothraki was good."


    4. LL Cool J

    Now This News

    "I worked at a Barnes & Noble in high school and LL Cool J lived close by. He would come in almost daily and he knew most of our names. Really nice guy."


    5. John Mulaney


    "I checked John Mulaney into a hotel room once. He wanted to pay for someone else’s room, so he was at my desk for a few minutes while I set that up. He’s a genuinely nice guy."


    6. Peter Dinklage


    "When I met him, he seemed a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiasm around him, but he was still great. He wanted to take silly pictures with me and I was like, 'HOLY SHIT, TYRION WANTS TO TAKE PICTURES WITH ME!' Great dude."


    7. Dave Chapelle


    "Dave Chappelle and his family lived a few miles from where I went to college, and he and I frequented the same Starbucks. I ran into him about 10 times and one day he sat with me for about 45 minutes and talked about screenwriting. It was amazing. He’s as down-to-earth as his stage persona suggests."


    8. Tracy Morgan


    "Tracy Morgan bought my younger sister a new iPhone many years ago. Tracy was behind my mother and sister in line at the Verizon store when they brought her phone in to get fixed. The Verizon employee said the damage to her phone wasn't covered under insurance and my mom couldn't afford to buy her a new phone. Tracy saw my sister get emotional and ended up buying her a new phone right then and there. My mom tried to protest but he just told her to pay it forward."


    9. Tom Hanks

    Golden Globes

    "I worked at Disneyland in the late '90s and I saw him giving a tour to a group of about 25 kids. He was leading the tour and the Disney tour guide was just tagging along, so I could tell he’d done this many times before."


    10. Scarlett Johansson

    Focus Features

    "I met her back in 2011 at a Starbucks. She was super sweet and really bubbly. I thought she would come across as standoffish, partly because it was early in the morning, but that wasn't the case at all! I made her laugh after I told her I was a huge fan of one of her earliest films, Home Alone 3 (which really is one of my favorite childhood movies). She just had this charming aura about her."


    11. Adam Sandler


    "He was super nice when we met him at my aunt's lake house. He was such a sweet guy — he brought his family over and we hung out with him for like three hours and we just chilled. He's an amazing dude."


    12. Anne Hathaway

    20th Century Fox

    "We were backstage, waiting for her cue to go on, when we started chatting. She told me how much of a klutz she is and we joked around a bit. Then, when she was called on stage, she tripped hard going up the stairs and face-planted. Instead of being embarrassed, she turned around to look me and we both started laughing."


    13. Kelly Clarkson


    "The southern charm thing isn't an act! She was super sweet when I met her."


    14. Sophie Turner (and Joe Jonas)


    "While on vacation, my sister met Sophie Turner while she was zip-lining. They struck up a conversation about Game of Thrones and Sophie asked if she wanted a picture. My sister then said 'the nice man' with Sophie took the picture for them and I was freaking out because that 'nice man' was Joe Jonas."


    15. Alan Alda

    SAG Awards

    "I was at one of his book signings and I was so nervous to the point that all I could say was, 'I love M*A*S*H!' He took my hand for a second and made a joke about being surprised I knew about the show because I was so young. Once I got past my absolute embarrassment, I realized he was so gracious and patient with me when he could have easily been a jerk. Great human being."


    16. Alison Brie


    "I used to work at an upscale hotel in West Hollywood. One day, a blonde woman, a brunette woman, and their mother walked into the hotel restaurant for lunch. It took me a minute, but I realized that the brunette woman was Annie from Community. I got to wait on her and she immediately made me feel special and at ease — she even bullshitted with me like I was an old friend. By the end of the afternoon, we were talking to each other in stupid accents and laughing like hyenas, and to top it all off, she left a great tip and her friend told my boss what a great job I'd done. Nice to meet someone you love from a show and it turns out they're cool as fuck."


    17. Daniel Radcliffe

    Warner Bros.

    "I'm not a big HP fan, but one of my friends is, so we went to see his show Endgame in London a few months ago, and waited in the lobby after the show ended. He came out and spoke to every single person who wanted to talk to him, which took HOURS. Instead of quickly taking a photo and signing a playbill for each person, he showed genuine curiosity about the people he met, asked questions, made conversation, and made everyone feel like they mattered. This was at night after the show had ended, and I'm sure he was tired, yet he was still such a charming and genuinely caring guy to each person."


    Did you have a genuinely nice experience when you met a celebrity? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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