21 A-List Actors Who Starred In These 2000s Horror Movies

    Before Thor, Chris Hemsworth was Curt in Cabin in the Woods.

    1. Dakota Fanning as Coraline from Coraline:

    2. Amanda Seyfried as Needy Lesnicki from Jennifer's Body:

    3. Keir Gilchrist as Paul Bolduan from It Follows:

    4. Cillian Murphy as Jim from 28 Days Later:

    5. Naomie Harris as Selena from 28 Days Later:

    6. Andre Braugher as Brent Norton from The Mist:

    7. Reese Witherspoon as Evelyn Williams from American Psycho:

    8. Chloë Grace Moretz as Abby from Let Me In:

    9. Chris Hemsworth as Curt Vaughan from The Cabin in the Woods:

    10. Lizzy Caplan as Marlena Diamond from Cloverfield:

    11. Ryan Reynolds as George Lutz from The Amityville Horror:

    12. Chad Michael Murray as Nick from House of Wax:

    13. Tony Goldwyn as Dr. John Collingwood from The Last House on the Left:

    14. Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart from The Others:

    15. Henry Cavill as Evan Marshall from Blood Creek:

    16. Sebastian Stan as Chase Collins from The Covenant:

    17. Idris Elba as Detective Winn from Prom Night:

    18. Octavia Spencer as Nurse Daniels from Halloween II (2009):

    19. Amy Adams as Marvel Ann from Psycho Beach Party:

    20. Scarlett Johansson as Ashley Parker from Eight Legged Freaks:

    21. Lastly, Seth Rogen as Ricky Dandforth from Donnie Darko: