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    Last Night Was The "Euphoria" Finale And, Lemme Tell Ya, I Think We're ALL Feeling Something

    I felt WAY too much.

    🚨SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!🚨

    Last night was the Season 1 finale of Euphoria and, safe to say, we're ALL emotionally drained.

    In case you have emotional-drainage-induced amnesia, lemme give you a little refresher on where we left off with each character in the finale:

    Kat and Ethan finally expressed their feelings to each other.

    Cassie had an abortion and went to the Winter Formal alone.

    Maddy came to terms with how toxic her and Nate's relationship is.

    Nate won the big game, but had a mental breakdown after his father berated him.

    Fez robbed the doctor to pay off his debts to Mouse.

    Jules and Rue were going to run off together, but Rue realized that she had to stay behind...

    ...and then Rue had a moment that left ALL us fans wondering what her fate is going to be come Season 2.

    IDK about y'all, but I'm emotionally drained and this show ended 13 hours ago. Here are some of the best and funniest tweets about the finale:


    me thinking nate’s going to jail but euphoria reminding me that white boys get away with everything #euphoriafinal


    the only decent men in the whole show #EUPHORIA


    Zendaya and Jacob Elordi's acting this episode was exquisite. #EUPHORIA



    me finally realizing why Rue wore that sweater the WHOLE SEASON #EUPHORIA


    Season 2 Episode 1 of Euphoria better start with “when Lexi was 6 years old” or I swear!!! #EuphoriaFinale


    Me watching Nate throw his tantrum #EuphoriaFinale #Euphoria


    Zendaya just using euphoria to rebrand her music career and i love to fucking see it #EuphoriaFinale


    me after realizing Rue relapsed because the person she was staying sober for left her and THEN realizing Nate was right #euphoria #EuphoriaFinale


    When Zendaya came in with the VOCALS!! in All for Us #EuphoriaFinale #euphoria


    wait..the jacket she always wears is her DADS???? #euphoria #euphoriahbo #euphoriafinale


    Me trying to understand the ending of #euphoria


    so rue really ... and jules is ... and nate STILL isn’t .... and fez just... #EUPHORIA


    zendaya singing in the finale was more than i could’ve possibly asked for. we really won with euphoria #EuphoriaFinale


    Me: this soundtrack couldn’t get any better Euphoria: let’s throw zendaya in at the end Me: #EuphoriaFinale


    everyone at the dance doing drugs and going crazy while cassie and lexi jus sat there on their phones. #EUPHORIA #euphoriahbo


    fez on euphoria is singlehandedly bringing back light-skinned men


    nate and maddy trying to make each other jealous at prom #euphoria #feelEUPHORIA


    all hail ethan, my tired af sadboi king #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale


    #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale God giving Zendaya Talent


    Rue was really wearing her dad’s clothes all season. How did I miss that??? #EuphoriaHBO #EuphoriaFinale


    Rue said #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO


    Maddy watching the disc she found in Nate’s room #EuphoriaFinale #euphoriahbo


    that ending... uh #EuphoriaHBO


    Hating Nate Jacobs but realizing Jules is such a fucked up human for Rue #EuphoriaHBO


    #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO me rooting for Jules all season:

    The acting on this show was nothing short of phenomenal, but I think we can ALL agree on this:

    just give @Zendaya her fucking emmy. right here. right now. #EuphoriaFinale #EuphoriaHBO