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    Nate From "Euphoria" Is The Most Terrifying Character On Television

    Absolute trash can of a human being.

    🚨SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!🚨

    In case you know nothing about the show, Euphoria is HBO's gritty teen drama that follows the lives of several teens through their world of drugs, sex, and relationships.


    The main character, Rue, is a struggling/recovering addict who befriends a girl named Jules. Their lives also overlap with the other teens on the show — Kat, Maddy, Lexi, McKay, and Cassie. However, we're not here to talk about them. We're here to discuss the worst character/villain of the show: Nate Jacobs.

    Let's cut to the chase, Nate Jacobs is not only an awful fucking human being but is also the scariest character on television right now.


    You're probably like, "The hot guy from The Kissing Booth? He can't be that bad!" to which I say, "You're right, he's worse."

    Let's break it down, shall we?

    Nate is abusive.


    He's abusive — physically and emotionally — to his girlfriend, Maddy. He beat the living shit out of Tyler for hooking up with Maddy when they were broken up. He also yelled at Jules in the middle of a party for "looking at him."

    Nate is manipulative.


    He manipulates his girlfriend into taking him back time and time again — he'll guilt her into staying with him or buy her presents to make up for his actions; he manipulated Tyler into taking the fall for choking Maddy when HE was the one who did that; and he blackmailed (more on that in a bit) Jules into lying to the police, saying she witnessed Tyler choke Maddy.

    Nate is a liar.


    Nate catfished Jules. She thought he was a boy named Tyler (ShyGuy118), who she started developing real feelings for. But, when they finally meet, he revealed who he truly was. NOT ONLY did he lie about his identity, BUT he also threatened to report her to the police — because she sent him nudes and that's child pornography — if she didn't "keep her head down, mouth shut, and [not] try to ruin his life." This whole ordeal is especially upsetting because JULES HAD NO INTENTION OF RUINING NATE'S LIFE WHATSOEVER.

    Nate is controlling.


    Back to the Jules situation. He wants to control her because he can. I'm sure there's a deeper reason into why it's her he wants to control — perhaps because he may have found out she slept with his dad, perhaps it's something else entirely — but it's control he wants over her and the other aspects in his life.

    Despite all these things, the most menacing thing about Nate is that he's attractive.


    Nate's looks, in combination with everything else, truly makes him the apex predator. He's rich, he's attractive, he's popular, he's strong, and he's tall. He literally towers over everyone, giving him the sense and appearance of being above everyone else. There's no one higher than him, which makes him the most terrifying because anyone who comes close to threatening that — whether it was Maddy when she embarrassed him in public, Tyler when he hooked up with his girlfriend, or Jules with her presence in his life in general — he does that much more to keep them down.

    All I know is, Nate is fucking awful and he belongs in prison. I'm not the only one who thinks this, either:

    Euphoria’s Nate is so far one of the most complexly awful fictional humans ever.

    i’m not even kidding the villain euphoria have created with nate is literally one of the greatest in tv show history like let’s be real. this character that they’ve created has us all despising him BECAUSE we know people like this exist irl and that’s what makes us hate him sm.

    Me every time Nate comes on the screen #EuphoriaHBO

    If I see Nate come close to another female character I swear to god, it’s ON SIGHT #EuphoriaHBO

    All of #euphoriahbo twitter joining together to kill Nate #euphoria


    Me when Euphoria explained Nate's backstory #EuphoriaHBO #Europhia

    euphoria fans every time nate does some dumb shit #euphoria #euphoriahbo

    Nate is really out here manipulating, blackmailing, abusing, and assaulting people. He needs to get capped quickly. I’m tired of the foolishness. #EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria

    Nate better get his ass beat on the finale of #Euphoria

    every episode, nate messes someone’s life up.... i can’t take it anymore #euphoriahbo


    Nate popping up in someone else’s life to destroy it. #euphoriahbo

    Nate really a whole ass fucking EVIL mastermind #EuphoriaHBO

    In case you didn't catch all that, here's a running tally of all the lives Nate is ruining:


    1. Maddy, his girlfriend who he is abusing.

    2. Jules, a girl who goes to his school who he's blackmailing.

    3. Tyler, a boy who hooked up with his girlfriend who he beat within an inch of his life and made take the fall for a crime he committed.

    4. Rue, a friend of Jules' who feels bad that Jules is hurting.

    5. Fezco, a friend/drug dealer of Rue's who is very protective of her and who Nate called the cops on.

    Overall, Nate is the "perfect" villain in that the reason why he's the scariest of them all is because he's the most realistic.


    Sure, Voldemort and Cersei are villains in the abstract. But Nate represents people in our society today, which is what makes him chill-down-your-spine terrifying.

    Be sure to tune in this Sunday at 10 p.m. PST on HBO to see what happens to Nate on the season finale of Euphoria.

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