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    12 Of The Best Tweets About Our First Look At Emma Stone As Cruella De Vil

    My sexuality is Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil.

    By now you probably know that Emma Stone will be playing Cruella De Vil in the upcoming prequel, Cruella. At the D23 Expo this weekend, we got our first look at Emma in her Cruella lewk.

    In a word, Emma Stone looks SICKENING!

    Here are all the best tweets about how great Emma Stone looks as Cruella:

    Comparisons were made:

    Emma Stone serving up some Moira Rose inspo.

    Why does Emma Stone look like Helena Bonham Carter in Cruella? #D23Expo #D23

    Sexualities were questioned:

    Was just shown the first photo of Emma Stone as Cruella DeVille and it instantly rewired my sexuality to that specific image.

    Emma Stone's #Cruella can step on my neck and I will thank her for the opportunity.

    Yes, I know this is just Emma Stone dressed up as Cruella de Ville for some new Disney thing, but I need you to understand that I am into everything that is happening here.

    ok well i guess i fancy emma stone as cruella de vil

    But, overall, the people are HERE FOR IT:

    When I tell you I GASPED #Cruella

    Emma Stone’s gonna eat this role! Periodt

    PERFECT. #Cruella #D23Expo #Disney #EmmaStone

    She's so powerful 💜 #EmmaStone

    In conclusion:

    Give Emma Stone her awards already.

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