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    17 "The Parent Trap"-Themed Clapbacks Elaine Hendrix Has Made On Twitter

    "Being young and beautiful isn't a crime, you know."

    One of the VERY FEW good things to come out of the past year is the realization that Meredith Blake from The Parent Trap is a bad bitch and 100% deserved better:

    Walt Disney Studios

    Now, even though it took us a minute to truly get the 411 on Mer, we can all agree that Elaine Hendrix has been an icon since day one:

    And Elaine has been showing love for her character since day one! So here are some of my favorite moments when Elaine called back to Meredith on Twitter in the best ways:

    1. When she had the best clapback to a Twitter user who made their hatred for Meredith Blake known:

    I will ship every one of you brats off to Switzerland. 😈

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    2. When she warned this Twitter user not to quit her job in order to seduce an older, wealthier man:

    I don’t recommend it.

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    3. When she confirmed that she doesn't have as much in common with Meredith as we all thought:

    Neither do I. 🥳

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    4. When she [jokingly] came at this Twitter user for comparing her to one of the bullies on this season of The Bachelor:

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    5. When she participated in the Bernie Inauguration Day meme:

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    6. When she shared this painfully accurate meme about 2020 vs. 2021:

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    7. When she shared this brutally honest expectations vs. reality meme of 2020:

    8. When she jokingly asked Christina Aguilera which ~wine vineyard~ she was at:

    Hey girl. Which vineyard you at?

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    9. When she gave the only two reasons you need when asked why one wouldn't like camping:

    Oh, I could give you two reasons: @lindsaylohan & @lindsaylohan 👯‍♀️

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    10. When she confirmed that her past will never stay in the past:

    Who knew Meredith Blake would grow up to be Alexis Carrington?! #Dynasty 💋⭐️💎

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    11. When she made this hilarious barb at Dennis Quaid's engagement announcement to his 26-year-old fiancé:

    Watch out for those twins. 👯‍♀️

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    12. When she showed her appreciation for LiLo's Vanity Fair spread:

    Being young & beautiful is not a crime you know. 👸🏼📸

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    13. When she corrected all those people who once doubted her:

    Being [less] young & [still] beautiful isn’t a crime you know. 😈

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    14. When she made this apropos nod to her very unfortunate run-in with a body of water:

    Now you know how I felt. 🦎

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    15. When she stood up for Taylor Swift better than any other Swiftie in the game:

    Me with anyone throwing shade at @taylorswift13. Literally me. 🔥😈 #WeStandWithTaylor

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    16. When she recognized the redemption that she 100% deserved:

    And proud of it babe. 😎🦎

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

    17. Finally, when she SAID WHAT SHE SAID:

    You want the 4-1-1?

    Twitter: @elaine4animals

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